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Established in 2003, FE News has been the specialist digital/new media news site for the further education, skills, work-based learning and employability sector.

Last year was our 20th Anniversary! We have updated our media pack and found some cool stats and figures… Find out more below!

Over the years, FE News has focused on giving our audience exclusive content from experts across the sector, particularly sharing best practices, innovation, and expert opinion articles discussing FE strategy with videos and podcasts with experts sharing the latest developments in the sector.

In November 2021 as a part of our 18th anniversary celebrations, we launched a new FE News publishing platform as a service (PaaS) and had a massive re-brand and refocus. As FE News has over 250 pieces of content live every week for our news readership to enjoy, we have now segmented content (via sections and colour-coded this) and are also progressing from solution-led thought leadership articles into collective intelligence hubs around specific topics to help the wider FE, Skills and Employability eco-system. This includes diverse voices, views and opinions on key topics like Apprenticeships, Skills, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Employability, Lifelong learning, EdTech etc. and much more.

As an open journalism publishing platform as a service, FE News allows registered members to submit events, seminars, press releases, corporate blogs, and videos straight onto the FE News site, as well as start an educational advertising campaign.

How Can We Help You Get Started With Your Educational Advertising? 

If you’re looking to get started with your educational advertising, our platform as a service has a simple step-by-step process for you to follow, so you can begin your advertising campaign on our established site.

Step 1: Choose a package – display advertising starts from £225 + VAT per month.

Step 2: Start a campaign – email your artwork and landing URL to [email protected]

Step 3: Review your stats – get a monthly report showing your advert’s impressions, clicks and click-through rate (CTR).

About the FE News Audience – Huge Growth in Traffic

According to SimilarWeb (which gives us independent data on our traffic and audience), in March 2023 FE News had more than 105,500 unique visitors! What is interesting is that according to data from LinkedIn, 70.9% of our news readership on FE News are in Senior Leadership positions. So in March 2023, this would be around 73,850 Senior Leaders on FE News.

Since 2003, FE News has been the go-to digital news platform as a service for the further education, skills, and apprenticeships sector.

At FE News, we’re on a mission to provide a collaborative and inclusive platform for individuals to share their expertise and shape the narrative of the FE and Skills sector. We believe that everyone should have the power to join a community of thought leaders and drive exciting changes in education, skills, and the future of work.

Over 70% of our audience are in Senior Leadership positions!

Our news readership comprises top-level decision-makers, senior management, executives, and policymakers in the FE, HE, skills, apprenticeship, training, and employability sectors.

Collaborate, share your expertise, and be a part of shaping the future of the FE & Skills Sector!

Google Search Jan21

Global influence: 70% of traffic is from the UK and 20% from North America/Canada. 

Specialising in peer-to-peer, thought leadership analysis of current affairs and recent developments within the training, skills and employability sector, Onalytica identifies FE News as one of the top 90 most influential STEM publications in the world!

The FE News’ audience is mainly interested in News and Media

Social media influence: FE News has 1.5M monthly tweet impressions, 60,000 followers across social media, 29,000 LinkedIn connections, and over 6,500 newsrooms registered by contributors and expert writers from across the sector. FE News is the ideal place to begin your educational advertising campaign and increase brand awareness with our news readership. 

Recent statistics show that the best channel for producing leads with the highest ROI is content marketing. Now is the perfect time to start uploading content on FE News using our platform as a service! Get started by learning how to publish on FE News here.

Original data is found here.

From our platform to success: Discover the impressive achievements of our contributors!

Our thought leaders have accomplished remarkable feats! With features on BBC News, Good Morning Britain, BBC Radio 4 and GBN Live! Watch the video below to find out more!

Start Your Educational Advertising On FE News

Our most popular educational advertising options since 2003 have been our site-wide display advertisements, which are next to the articles, videos, and podcasts. Our main headline banner advertising space is so popular that it is booked out for a year at a time! So please check for availability on the site-wide advertising options. We also have several other educational advertising options, including homepage ‘section break banner advertisements’ and in-article adverts (on both our written word articles and videos).

We usually have availability for button advertisements (home page, End of Page… and it is worth checking on the In Article Button ads) and the Side Bar Button ads (which used to be our Skyscraper ads on the old FE News system), although we advise that you check for availability as the button ads are very popular. Sidebar button ads start at just £450 + VAT per month.

Educational Advertising for your Jobs on FE Careers

FE Careers has been the largest specialist job advertising site in further education, apprenticeships and work-based learning since 2003, helping you find your next job in learning and development or your next member of staff. With job advertising from just £70 + VAT per month, click here for more job advertising options.

You can either run your specialist recruitment adverts through the FE Careers aggregator and applicant tracking services, or publish straight to FE News via an XML or RSS feed.

We can tailor a display campaign across both FE Careers and FE News, as the audience on FE Careers and FE News are slightly different. On FE News, there is primarily an executive audience within the sector, so you can run an enhanced advertising campaign to reach ‘passive candidates’ who are happy in their role and not registered with another recruitment agency, but who could be tempted by your exciting new opportunity. Please click here to view our Executive Recruitment advertising solutions.

Want to Discuss Other Options?

Call Gavin on 08456 125 750 or email Gavin to discuss other advertising options, or ways of working with FE News and FE Careers.

Videography, Podcasts and Livestreams

Would you like your organisation to feature on FE News video or podcast exclusives?

We are able to offer 30-second adverts at the front end of an FE News film and up to 1 minute 30 seconds at the end of a video. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more about our video educational advertising options.

Bespoke adverts are available from our award-winning new media team, who can produce video adverts for you, with prices from £1500 + VAT per day and Video Adverts – from £1000.

CPD and Event Promotion

FE News, and our sister site FE Careers, provide a weekly e-newsletter (FE Soundbite). This is an opt-in e-newsletter, emailed directly into registered subscribers’ inboxes each week.

  • Headline banner advert promotion in our weekly FE Soundbite e-journal – £295 VAT.
  • CPD recommendation email for our 18,000+ FE Careers subscribers (POA).

FE News has an active group of contributors and writers sharing their vision of the sector. There are over 6,500 registered contributors/expert writers on FE News using our platform as a service from across the sector.  One of the FE News specialisms is encouraging the sector to share ‘their story’ and ‘their view’, to give FE a voice and reflect on what is truly happening at a strategic and operational delivery level across the sector. There are 250+ new articles published every week on FE News.

Do You Want To Discuss Other Options?

If you would like more information about our different advertising options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team with any questions you may have.

You can email FE News to discuss other educational advertising options or ways of working with FE News and FE Careers.

Advertising & Media Packs FAQs

What is meant by FE News being a ‘platform as a service’?

FE News being a platform as a service (PaaS) means that we provide an open journalism publishing platform for individuals and organisations to share their expertise and insights within the further education, skills, and employability sector. Our platform as a service allows registered members to be an active part of our news readership, contributing various forms of content such as events, seminars, press releases, corporate blogs, and videos directly onto our platform. This empowers contributors to engage with our audience and actively participate in shaping discussions and narratives within the sector.

How do I access your media packs?

To access our updated media packs and learn more about our offerings, you can download our media pack here as well as view our interactive media pack. You’ll find comprehensive information about our educational advertising and media consultancy services, as well as valuable insights, statistics, and advertising options designed to cater to your specific needs.

How can I contribute content to FE News?

We’re happy you want to contribute content to FE News, and you’ll find it is a straightforward process. As an open journalism platform as a service, we welcome thought leaders, experts, and professionals from the further education, skills, and employability sectors to share their insights. To contribute, you’ll need to register here on our platform first. Once registered, you’ll have the ability to submit various types of content, including events, seminars, press releases, corporate blogs, and videos. Your contributions will provide you with a unique opportunity to engage with our news readership and make a meaningful impact within the sector.

What other advertising options are available besides display ads?

In addition to our popular site-wide display advertisements, we offer a range of other educational advertising options to suit your marketing goals. These options include homepage section break banner advertisements that provide prominent visibility, as well as in-article adverts that can appear alongside both written articles and videos. We also offer button advertisements placed strategically on our website, providing an effective way to engage with our news readership. These options allow you to tailor your advertising campaign to your specific needs and target audience.

How can advertising on FE News increase brand awareness?

Advertising on FE News boosts your brand visibility within the education and skills sector. With a targeted audience of senior leaders and experts, your content gains credibility and thought leadership. Having engaging ads encourages interaction, leaving a strong impression, and our diverse multimedia options and our influential network will increase your reach, fostering brand recognition and connection.