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The digital channel for the future of education. Since 2003, FE News specialise in bringing you exclusive content from FE experts from across the FE sector sharing best practice, innovation and emerging strategies. We also shoot video interviews with specialists across the sector.

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  • 08456 125 750
  • Reception: Lauren Cooper
  • Address: Office HQ: F10 Science Park Centre, 6 Babbage Way, Devon, EX5 2FN
    • Registered Office: FE News, 5 Harrington Lane, The Library Room, Pinhoe, Exeter, EX4 8PF

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Who we are:

Gavin O’Meara, FIRP, BA (Hons), CEO and Founder


Gavin’s particular specialism is developing innovate digital solutions for clients. He is the best point of contact for advertising campaigns, he hosts our livestream seasons and heads up videography and is overall responsible for digital content and marketing.

Gavin set up and established FE News and FE Careers back in 2003, and although is now a lot greyer, you’ll still find him with a smile on his face. Gavin has been involved in the FE sector for the past 20 years. He is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, he is classically media trained (although when he graduated said he would never work in media again, how things change!). He has also driven the digital marketing and social media content strategy for the past 20 years.

Gavin also heads up Projects. He is the team Scrum Master (FE News works in an Agile Project Management framework) and leads on all of the Agile Digital Projects with clients, third parties and partners.

Gavin lives in Exeter, Devon. When he is not working he is mainly running around after his 4 children.

Three random facts about Gavin:

  • I can clap with one hand.. and whistle and hum at the same time!
  • I am a Timberland footwear fan. I have quite a collection of Timberland boots and shoes, I am even a bit weird and some are too precious to wear! Those I do wear are very comfy.
  • I was once a menswear model on the radio (talk about having a face for radio).

        Danny O’Meara, Digital Project Manager


        Danny started his FE journey in January 2024 when he joined FE News for sales and marketing training. In September he is going to study for a Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree at the University of Exeter. He has an eye for detail and a lot to live up to.

        His job role involves processing content, creating graphics, managing social media pages and optimising our site.

        Connect with him on LinkedIn

        Three random facts about Danny:

        • I have a fantastic Australian accent
        • I love riding motorbikes
        • I avidly follow football, COYS



        What makes FE News different?

        FE News is the online news magazine and thought leadership digital platform for the further education, work-based learning and employability sector. was established back in 2003. For the past 20 years, we have provided a positive digital platform for the FE sector to share best practice and innovation.

        FE News is a purely digital publication and knowledge exchange (and have been since 2003). We are FE digital pioneers! We are known for our positive and sector building stories, diverse views and thought leadership articles from influencers across the FE and Skills eco-system. 

        We do not charge for audience subscriptions, so our audience can read articles and watch videos totally for free! We do not believe in ‘pay walls’ or charging audience subscriptions. We want everyone from the FE Sector to be able to freely read any of our articles or videos. 

        Equally, everyone is able to contribute and get involved.

        The FE News focus and philosophy

        Our focus and philosophy on FE News has always been to provide positive coverage of the entire FE sector (further education, work-based learning, apprenticeships, employability sectors, awarding organisations, public sector bodies, the learner and employers) drawing the many strands of the FE and Skills eco-system together to enable positive sharing of ideas and strategies to help the entire sector work together to improve the learner and employer experience. FE News is basically a digital publishing platform and knowledge exchange.

        FE News enables everyone in the FE and Skills eco-system to contribute on FE News. We wanted to democratise media and content in the Further Education and Skills sector. Enabling everyone to become a content creator and to share their positive news and share best practice, innovation and emerging strategy.

        The FE News team doesn’t have any journalists, but a team of Digital Project Managers. Who are here to support our clients and contributors. The FE News digital project management team also curate and forward plan the content and exclusive articles.

        FE News have focussed on championing the voice of experts from the FE sector. Who better to understand and write about the challenges, the constant evolution of strategy than someone who is emersed in the sector on a day to day basis. As FE News has many authors and contributors from across the sector, you can read and see the latest in emerging opinion, strategy and best practice from real FE experts. We also believe that your opinion and ‘voice’ are important and make a difference. So we encourage you to be a part of the debate, by getting involved in comments at the end of articles. 

        Background and purpose

        We are a digital news publication, but over the past decade FE News have specialised in providing exclusive featured articles from experts and influencers across the entire FE sector to share their ideas. Since 2006, FE News have also brought you video articles, the FE News legacy filming from the main speakers at conferences across the sector have proved particularly popular over the past decade.

        Our FE sector is undergoing constant change and the news and strategies have also changed as a result. The FE sector is so vast. Gone are the days of being the Cinderella sector, often overlooked… FE is the opportunity sector and everyone is invited to the party (in true inclusive and opportunities for all fashion!)

        Like the FE sector, FE News has also constantly evolved and adapted to the needs of industry

        FE News V.8.0 was launched to celebrate our 18th anniversary in the Autumn of 2021. We took our contributor Newsrooms to the next level (we have over 7000 newsrooms on FE News). The Newsrooms range from individual influencers and thought leaders to FE Colleges, Independent Training Providers and Awarding Organisations. The latest version of FE News (currently on FE News Version 8.7) gives our content creators even more control over their content and new innovative ways to upload content.

        We also enhanced the AI on FE News for contributors and content creators to upload content like thought leadership articles and press releases direct onto FE News, and also using our new and improved AI for uploading articles using the AI email upload service.

        On the new V.8.0 version of FE News we also launched the FE News co-produced livestream service and site wide takeovers for livestreams.

        In the Spring of 2016, V.7 of FE News was launched. The idea was to draw on the FE News strength of sharing innovative ideas and best practice through exclusive articles from experts across the entire sector. With the new site development, we brought FE Community into the main FE News site (FE Community was developed as a stand-alone site in 2008) so that events, press releases and non-exclusive content (Sector news) could be incorporated into the main FE News site.

        We also introduced AI for the first time for content creators to email upload articles to FE News for the first time back in 2016.

        The 2016 V.7 FE News site development split the exclusive articles, with exclusive main features and created a new section called FE Voices to enable the entire sector to share ideas and write articles about the developments in their particular specialism.

        When FE News introduced FE Video into the FE conference circuit back in 2006, this move enabled everyone in the entire sector to share in the latest strategies and developments coming out of key conferences (rather than a select few who were able to attend the conferences). FE Video brought the voice of the FE strategists to the entire sector. The latest version of FE News has created a new voice for the sector (we thought FE Voices was an apt name for this new section), and enabled the entire sector to share best practice, innovation and strategies to improve the learner and employer experience.  

        We hope you enjoy FE News, your voice Is powerful, use it!

        We couldn’t have an about us section, without mentioning our sister website

        FE Careers is the largest job advertising site in the sector, FE Careers was also established in 2003 and has been tried, tested and trusted for over a decade as the recruitment job advertising platform of choice. FE Careers has regularly been a finalist in the online recruitment for multiple award categories. If you are looking for a new FE job or have some vacancies you would like to advertise the FE Careers team will be happy to help.