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I’m interested to see that Ofsted’s Steve Joyce has concerns over quality at some merged colleges...

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“Big is not always beautiful,” says Ofsteds Paul Joyce Apparently, according to reports in FE Week, Mr Joyce has concerns over quality following mergers that have led to some mega-FE colleges being formed. It seems that, in some cases, so much effort has gone into due diligence that the players have taken their eye off of the “quality ball”. Should this surprise us? Last March I posted an article that asked “Merger: Does Bigger Mean Better?” My answer was a resounding NO. The link to my article is below in the comments

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Five Ways to Reduce Web Friction AND Improve...

Stefan Drew of says No Website is Perfect. There are Always Barriers That Cause Friction and Prevent Smooth Navigation,...

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The FE Model: marketisation or systemisation?

At the risk of admitting I occasionally read articles on another site I thought this one worthy of our attention. I’m convinced FE is broken and...

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Notices of Financial Concern in FE

Another video by about Notices of Financial concern in Further Education

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We are wasting a resource

Hi all It's two years since this marketing group was formed and a year since anything was posted. That seems such a waste. So here's a question that...

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I must have raised this with dozens of FDs but only a handful ever make a claim for new products...

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When it Snows FE Providers Potentialy Lose Money

When it Snows Providers Potentially Lose Money says, Stefan Drew of Recent snowfall has resulted in the temporary...

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What have you been responsible for? I've been reading CVs and am not impressed by the lack of understanding by the writers. Knowing what people were responsible tells me little ..... they could have been crap at them. What really matters is what people have achieved. So many people confuse responsibilities with achievements. Thoughts anyone?

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Temporal Construal are talking about the impact of Tempoaral Construal on education finances. Planning Change in an Objective...

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Which Universities and Colleges Impress you with...

Stefan Drew of asks Which Universitiers and Colleges Excel at Marketing?

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Video is the new Content King

Produce a Video in Minutes. Discover How with Stefan Drew from We Know Content is King .. But Video Content Rules the Universe...

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The Reality of FE Becoming More Commercial … for £2.88

My recent article on the £7.99 FE Financial Viability Strategy was not only the most shared article that week, it also had my phone ringing.

Your competitors aren’t other ESFA funded providers

Your competitors are commercial education and information sites including YouTube, commercial/non-funded providers and international organisations. (Click here to read part 1 "The Reality of FE Becoming More Commercial … for £2.88")

The £7.99 FE Financial Viability Plan

Collab recently published an article on the “key drivers for colleges to think and act more like a commercial business”. It mentioned funding reduction, competition and apprenticeship reform. It was perfectly correct in all it said but, for me, missed one essential element.

Schools Were Open on Easter Monday – It’s Official

Following on from my recent feature on The Impact of Snow Days on Learning and Financial Viability I note that all schools were open on Easter Monday to make up for the lack of teaching due to the recent snow.

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FE claims to be underfunded.  I understand why providers complain of underfunding.  

The Impact of Snow Days on Learning and Financial Viability

When it Snows Providers Potentially Lose Money Recent snowfall has resulted in the temporary closure of many providers. This happens somewhere in the country most years, and yet I can find no UK based research on the financial cost of closures.

How to Market a College Restaurant

The college restaurant is an essential part of the catering and hospitality offer in many colleges. And in an age of underfunding it can also be an essential profit generator.

Is FE Missing Curriculum & Income Opportunities?

So often I hear that the sector is underfunded. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. Personally, I’m not convinced. It might be that we have enough money but just don’t spend it wisely. 

Is 2018 the Year of Education Blockchains, BitDegrees & MicroDegrees?

FE providers are constantly deluged with change.

The Death of the Conventional College

When we look around and see the FE landscape it’s easy to think that is the norm and that it will continue in the same way for years.