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Money Used to Lead the Way in Training and Skills

Fforwm, the association of Further Education colleges and institutions in Wales, has welcomed funding by ELWa for Further Education institutions across Wales to develop the management skill of the staff.

The funding will seek to drive up the skills and abilities of those working within the FE sector in Wales, a move that is sure to prove both popular and necessary. Director of Corporate Affairs at Fforwm, Mike Jones, was delighted by ELWa’s involvement in bringing about improvements, saying: “Investing in staff development is central to raising standards.”

Broadening Experience

The funding will be targeted at those areas of the institution and staffing that are in greatest need of improvement. Therefore, to get funding, institutions will be required to identify the management training appropriate to their needs. The ELWa identifies a MA in Leadership and Management (FE), run by the Fforwm, as one of the eligible training programmes.

The sharing of best practices has been highlighted generally within FE as vital to the fullest development of the resources available. To this end, managers will be able to learn from each other in a research setting. Mike Jones added: “It has already proved to be highly successful in developing management skills.”

This initiative is in addition to the work already being undertaken in this area. The programme already sees many candidates starting the courses every year. As with the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), which is designed to offer some support and incentive to 16 -18 year olds to stay in education when they would otherwise not have, it is hoped that the extra funding will further build participation in the sector.

Angela Balakrishnan

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