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Changing Habits with Arnie Skelton #6

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Arnie Skelton, Managing Director, Effective Training & Development Ltd

Top Ten Changing Habits Tips for Teachers and #FE Managers

In the second episode of his podcast Top Ten Tips for Teachers and FE Managers, Arnie Skelton discusses CHANGING HABITS.

In this podcast Arnie looks at simple yet effective ways of changing and letting go of bad habits, and replacing them with ones that are far more effective.

To begin with: do you actually know what some of your habits are? Are some of them unconscious? Where they come from? And why they persist? On the positive side, how do habits help you and others survive?

Arnie will tell you why you would die without some habits. But by contrast, he will also explain why, if some habits are so unhelpful, they are also so difficult to break or change?

Arnie will explain the four key factors that are likely to make changing habits more successful. And he will offer a number of specific strategies that can make all the difference.

Arnie has spent the last 30 years working in a wide range of organisations, and all his tips are totally practical, and can be implemented by anyone, any time, at no financial cost.

Arnie Skelton, Managing Director, Effective Training & Development Ltd

There are 65 episodes in total in the Top Ten Tips for Teachers and #FE Managers Podcast Series. If you have enjoyed this series, or would like to suggest a new topic for Arnie to cover please email Arnie Skelton with your comments and suggestions.

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