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Money will finance massive project to equip locals and regenerate area

£100 million will be invested into North East Lincolnshire to provide students with a complete range of learning services from childhood to university.

Termed the “Learning Corridor”, the project is a collaboration between Grimsby Institute, Franklin College, Hereford School and North East Lincolnshire Council, which aims to offer a “progression route and range of options to learners, right through from children’s services to higher education”.

Principal of the Grimsby Institute, Professor Daniel Khan, commented on the “visionary” project: ” This really is an exciting development with the overall message being about raising aspirations across the borough. The Institute will be working with employers to see what skills we need in the area at a higher level, supporting the Council’s regeneration project”.

The funding will come from a “cocktail” of sources, including the Learning and Skills Council, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, North East Lincolnshire Council and partners themselves. Further, planning is underway and some will be completed by 2008, ahead of its targeted completion date of 2010.

George Krawiec, Chief Executive of North East Lincolnshire Council, said: “For many people in the region, the cost and logistical aspects of moving away can be a barrier to pursuing higher education. We aim to be able to provide people with those opportunities here in the area”.

“It is part of a massive investment in the area and we hope it will stop our bright young talent from leaving the area, and instead achieving more and staying and working in the region. The key is that we are all working in partnership to improve the area and everyone will benefit”.

Vijay Pattni.

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