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New Multi – Media Tool Offered by LSDA

An innovative new tool to assist in learner development has been issued by the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA).

As part of the government’s drive on vocational based education, and an attempt to reinforce the value of “A Levels” in general, the LSDA has collaborated with over 30 employers to produce a multi-media teaching tool to accompany the new subjects. The CD-ROM is primarily intended to aid teachers with sample lesson plans and ideas for teaching strategies. However, it can also be used for the teaching of other work-related subjects and vocational qualifications.

The CD-ROM is designed to help teachers focus primarily on real life rather than “textbook” illustrations. For example, to complement the new A-Level in Applied Science, a project investigating how science is used to ensure the safe management of waste is presented, using examples from a waste management company (Biffa), Kirklees Local Authority and the Environment Agency. The emphasis of the new courses and the CD-ROM package is an attempt to bridge the gap between school and the world of work.

A Useful resource for Learners and Educators

Indeed, Mike Cox, the Executive Manager of Vocational Learning, said that the CD-ROM will prove to be a “very useful resource” that is “full of interesting activities” but went on to say that its “real value is the close involvement of employers. All examples are drawn from practical experience and real working situations ““ which helps to motivate students and place what they learn into context.”

Essentially, the CD-ROM should help ensure a painless start for the ten new “A” Levels by the support it is offering teachers. Additionally, the CD-ROM looks to set a practical, vocational and modern tone that the LSDA hopes the new A-Level subjects will help cultivate in the education sector.

James Ferrow

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