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New Package Announced to Help Farmers Meet Requirements

A new training initiative has been announced to help to guarantee that farmers meet the guidelines in Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC).

The new package has been offered to all pig farmers with more than 750 sows or more than 2000 finisher pig places, and is on offer starting this October. The IPPC training courses have now opened for bookings and will be run cooperatively by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) and Pork Chain Solutions. Places are limited, and so the organisers are advising early booking.

IPPC Across Europe

This initiative is in response to the IPPC Directive (96/61/EC), which is being implemented across the continent to improve the standard of environmental preservation and protection. It is expected that this will be fully implemented by all member states by October 2007, and lays down guidance on such environmental policy as the prevention and control of air, water and land ““ based pollution and emissions. Wherever practical it calls for an overall reduction of emissions, and it includes waste emissions on the list of activities covered.

To enable the farming industry at large and the pig farming industry in particular to comply with these targets, practices will have to be re ““ learnt or changed, involving a great deal of re ““ training of the workforce. Nigel Penlington states however that the feedback on training courses already offered in the North of England has been “positive”, and that the attendees of the courses “took away a better understanding of how IPPC will work on their units and ideas to improve the running of their business.”

For more information on the courses on offer, please call Lindsey Tapp on 01908 844734, or click here. To read more on the IPPC, please click here

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