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Passing Two Million Mark in Learners Attaining Goals, says E – Learning Provider

The e ““ learning provider learndirect has announced the passing of the 2 million strong chequered flag, signalling the success of their eleven strong team dedicated to the task.

The team, known as the learndirect 2 million, is composed of learndirect learners from throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the course of the last five years the 2 million learners represented in this instance by the representative skills eleven have completed courses through the e ““ learning provider in subjects such as literacy, IT skills, numeracy, business and management.

The members of the Team were Hazra Mansur, from the East Midlands; Ashley Rayment, from London; Andy Potts, from Northern Ireland; Jill Cordez, from the North East; Chris Heyes, from the North West; Jane Paterson, from the South East; Kim Preece, from the South West; Pat Walters, from Wales; Angela Murphy, from the West Midlands; James Titman, from Yorkshire and Humberside; and Jane Messer, who came from Hemel Hempstead and described the impact that her work had had.

Personal Stories

Jane was the 2 millionth individual to sign up for a course and as such was made Captain of the Team. She commented: “I may not be a footballer but this is one team Im certainly proud to be part of!” Since beginning her programme last March, she has completed several courses in the areas of literacy and numeracy achieving a Level 2 proficiency in both subjects. Now, Jane is working towards a teaching assistant qualification.

Jane said: “I work in a local primary school, and for the last eight years my duties were split between working in the office and helping out in the classroom. I really wanted to spend more time in the classroom and progress as a teaching assistant, but I couldnt do that without getting maths and English qualifications. Learning with learndirect was perfect for me. I could fit my learning around my family and around work by following my courses from home or from my learndirect centre.

“You dont have to be at all technical to learn on a computer – a complete novice would be able to get started pretty quickly! It suited me down to the ground,” she continued. Ive definitely been bitten by the learning bug! I left school at 16 with no qualifications, but now I know theres nothing to be afraid of, and that its never too late to go back.”

Making Learning Easier

The company providing the background support for learndirect is University for Industry (Ufi). Attending the event for them was Sarah Jones, Chief Executive at Ufi, who said: “Two million people would fill the World Cup final stadium 30 times ““ that’s a lot of learners, and a lot of learning. We wanted not just to mark the fact learndirect has reached so many people, but actually celebrate their individual achievements, and the progress theyve made since taking their first learndirect course. With learndirect they dont think its all over – for many of our learners its just the beginning.”

Every Team needs a fan base, and leading it was the Skills Minister Phil Hope MP. He said: “This Government is making learning more easily available to individuals and businesses alike. We set up Ufi to improve the nation’s competitiveness and it’s making a massive contribution to our skills agenda. Through the learndirect helpline and on-line learning, delivered through a network of centres across the country, we are reaching people from every background and region and making a difference to their lives.

“We all need good skills at home and in the workplace,” he went on to say. “learndirect is the largest state supported e-learning initiative in the world, and its helping literally millions of adults develop their potential and reach their personal goals. If you want to be on the ball and learn, then find out more by contacting learndirect for details of courses for you in your area.”

In a rousing finale, Mr. Hope called for the nation to truly begin to participate, saying: “Don”t be a spectator – join the team so you can play your part and reach your own personal goals in your careers and everyday lives.”

Jethro Marsh

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