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Recognition of Excellence in Working With Employers for College

The City College Brighton and Hove has been awarded the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) Action for Business Colleges accreditation, a sign from the LSC that this college caters to the needs of local employers successfully.

The college, already a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in Digital Design, Catering and Hospitality, Performing Arts, Retail and Business and Finance, has become only the fifth college in the country to receive this accolade. City College engages with more than 2,000 employers already, in a variety of different disciplines, from retail to digital design, from catering to construction. Some of the methods that the College uses in cooperation with employers are apprenticeship schemes, sponsorship arrangements, work placements and the offer of either bespoke or “off the shelf” training packages.

Delivering and Shaping Provision

In order to achieve this award, City College had to demonstrate an ability to cater to the demands of local employers, tailoring the provision to the requirements of the local employer’s training and developmental requirements. And in the Accreditation Panel report, they have clearly been successful in this. An impressive 95% of local employers said that the calibre of teaching and learning at the college was worthy of praise, and noted the measures in place for effective interaction with employers.

The report went on to note that the college demonstrated a generally flexible, “can ““ do” approach to training and education policy, able to adapt to changing demands with alacrity and interface with local employers efficiently. The report also noted “staff enthusiasm, commitment and support”, a “wide range of employer partnerships and networking” and “excellent communication – employer engagement has a high profile throughout the College”.

More Than 100 Years of Achievement

For more than one hundred years, City College Brighton and Hove has offered training and education to thousands of students. An international centre of excellence, the college welcomes more than 2,000 full time students and more than 13,000 part time students each year, including many international and European students attracted by one of the more than 650 courses on offer, ranging from basic level to pre ““ University courses.

The Principal, Ann Smith, was excited at this award, and called for even greater improvements in the future, driving forward the development of the workforce of the future. “We can all be very proud of this achievement,” said Ann Smith. “We now have to keep this focus on employer engagement and continue to develop the way we work with employers. We have achieved a great deal, and now have the potential to achieve a great deal more.”

Jethro Marsh

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