As the tax year has ended, we’re now carrying out the current year income finalisation assessments for the academic year 2020/21. This page is for parents and partners who are unable to provide the evidence we’ve asked for.

If you’re Self-assessed or Self-employed and cannot provide evidence requested

If you haven’t submitted your tax return for tax year 2020-21 and you’re unable to do so until later in the year, you can defer the finalisation of your current year income.

You’ll still need to complete the form we’ve sent you and confirm your up to date estimates. You can tell us that you haven’t submitted your tax return yet in section 5 of the form.

We’ll then contact you the following February to ask you to send your evidence.

If you have zero income to declare

You still need to return the Financial Information Confirmation form and include a note declaring your zero income.

Once we receive your form, we’ll send you a letter along with a form to clarify the households financial situation with details of any non-taxable income received. We’ll also ask for evidence to confirm how you supported yourself through the financial year.

If a sponsor is deceased after a current year income assessment has been awarded

If, after a current year income assessment has been awarded a sponsors dies, in the academic years where the current year income figures are being used we’ll need to prorate the income of the sponsor(s) no longer supporting the application.

You’ll need to submit your sponsor’s death certificate and financial evidence to finalise the current year income. If the student has more than one sponsor, the remaining sponsor would need to provide financial evidence for the deceased sponsor.

If they are unable to provide this evidence then we would prorate the deceased sponsor’s estimated CYI figures.

If the student is returning to their studies in academic year 2021/22 and your income has dropped by 15% or more

You can complete another Current Year Income form for academic year 2021/22. The process will be the same as before. You’ll need to tell us what your estimated income will be for the tax year 2021-22 and at the end of the tax year, complete the Financial Information Confirmation form and send your financial evidence when we request this.

You can download and complete the Current Year Income form then upload it via your online account.

Download: CYI – current year income assessment form 2021/22 (PDF, 77KB)

Published 26 April 2021 Contents