From education to employment

How can I turn my knowledge into a profitable business as an instructor?

Turn your expertise into revenue and become your own entrepreneur.

Making money online has never been so easy with the recent technology leaps and the advent of online learning and education technology. Willing to earn some extra money as a side-hustle or even make it a full-time job, now is the perfect opportunity to share insights with people looking to learn new skills and competencies. Creating a course is easier than ever, following a step by step course building method is the best way to get your course ready and engaging. 

Professionals and experts from real estate and related industries (construction, architecture, design, photography, finance, law, coaching, marketing/sales…) can teach, train and coach online in any topic of their choice with RE-L Network dedicated training platform. Online teaching has become so trendy and popular because it allows anyone to earn money passively in addition of a regular job or even as a full-time occupation, it improves assimilation for learners and reduces L&D costs for businesses.

RE-L Network, the real estate education marketplace, enables experts and aspiring educators to design, market and sell their own online courses and educational content on a truly specialized platform. The company mission is to disrupt how real estate people learn from the best entrepreneurs and educators in the industry. The platform supports industry experts and leaders in sharing their knowledge with like-minded professionals and students. From the basics of Real Estate Finance, Property Law, Interior Design and House Flipping to Property Technology, the marketplace offers the largest array of topics available in the industry.

Never shared your experience online? Follow simple rules and you will be able to design an engaging course. Choose a topic you master and you’re comfortable talking about. Define the big lines of your subject. It is more engaging when your course is divided in sections, real-life examples and insights that talk to your audience… that’s what learners are looking for. When everything is ready, you can start recording your course. Choose your course format: ebook (perfect for anyone with great writing skills), audiobook (for speakers) or videos (for presenters). If you have some technical skills, you can even make audio or video editing. Finally, the most important is to be yourself.

Adopting the right educational platform can be tricky, focus should be made on the platform niche and the revenue share model. What makes RE-L Network unique is its specialty in Real Estate and related industries and its revenue share model. RE-L Network prides itself in building a sustainable model for educators with no transaction fees or cuts for all courses sales.

RE-L Network business model puts educators at the centre of its strategy and is based on affordable subscription plans (early bird pricing from $39.99 monthly to $399.99 for the annual plan) giving instructors and trainers the necessary technology infrastructure to host, promote and deliver their online courses. The instructors all-in-one membership gives access to a full range of exclusive features that enhance training: unlimited students, unlimited courses and content hosting, certificates of achievement, Stripe dashboard to monitor sales, 14-day free trial, cancel anytime, no transaction fees on courses sales among others.

With a powerful platform and a friendly User Interface, RE-L Network improves the training experience. The company purpose is to facilitate the learning process and enable professionals and students gain new skills and core competencies to remain competitive in an ever-changing industry. Now more than ever, it is a prerequisite for every professional to stay updated with the latest technologies, compliant with evolving regulations and knowledgeable about the market trends. Skills and awareness are now what make professionals stand out in a crowded environment.

Established yourself as an expert on RE-L Network and start generating revenues. Now is the best time to start your business on a marketplace willing to improve lives and the learning process for the real estate industry.

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