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Genius School Host Free ‘Teen Quest Masterclass’ to Prepare For 4th Industrial Revolution

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Genius School hosted a free webinar ‘Teen Quest Masterclass’ at 8am UK time on Thursday 4th March 2021 to help teenagers be skills-ready for the future. Teenagers who leave education over the next few years will inherit a very different world to the generations before. The digital age, the pandemic and the 4th industrial revolution will see teenagers entering a very different jobs market, and recession and economic downturn will make finding a traditional job more difficult. Now, more than ever, we need to equip this generation to create their own role and develop an entrepreneurial mindset as we rebuild our economies.

The hour-long webinar covered the essential skills teenagers need to be employable in the future or to be able to create their own ‘role’. It also offered teens the skills to focus their attention and learn to become faster and smarter so they can better manage their schoolwork and achieve the best results academically.

By 2030 (or earlier) it is thought that everyone will need to spend 30% more time learning on the job and almost 100% more time at work solving problems. Teaching skills in self-management will take on new importance for a resilient workforce with an entrepreneurial mindset. This webinar was a first step in preparing young people for this future and to equip them for this new work order. Genius School’s aim is to ensure all learning is personalised, relevant and authentic so students not only learn these skills but can transfer them to different learning and working scenarios.

In addition, the webinar was enjoyed by parents who want to keep up with changing trends and help their offspring become ‘future-ready’. It also benefitted educators seeking to know more about inquiry, skills-based learning that focuses on the development of independent lifelong learners who can self-manage their learning needs.

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The Teen Quest Masterclass was hosted by two Genius School faculty members, Karen Bonanno, a Teen Dynamics Leader and Mentor, and Leoni McIlvenny, a certified Genius Educator.

Karen Bonanno is an Australian based educator and national provider of professional learning for teachers. She also owns an education consulting business focusing on helping tweens, teens and young adults find their true potential. As a Global Genius Educator with Genius School, she is involved in leading and delivering the Genius School Curriculum.

Leonie McIlvenny is an Australian based educator who teaches from primary to tertiary level. She specialises in inquiry learning, study skills and digital literacy and has developed a number of web resources to support students, teachers and parents. She is a Genius Certified Educator with Genius School.

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