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Sabina wins collaborative international film project

Sabina Steinova, Level 3 Film & TV Production student from Burton and South Derbyshire College has won a collaborative international film project.

The competition was run by the National Institute of Technology, Toyota College and involved Japanese students being paired with a student from another country to work together on creating a video based on the theme of sustainability in society.

Sabina was paired with Go Ueda from Japan and worked with him remotely to create three videos based on sustainable development goals, a collection of 17 goals which are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. The students worked well together to create informative and lively videos, achieving first place across 11 teams who participated.

BSDC welcomes 300 international learners each year as far afield as East Asia and the USA. Not only does this international provision benefit the international learners, but also those in the wider college community, who have opportunities to expand their cultural horizons. In addition to her studies, Sabina is also an International Ambassador for the College, assisting with international students when they visit the College and making them feel at home.

Sabina commented: “I think this competition has helped to improve my skills of being “buddy” for the international ambassador programme. I have also developed my communication, teamwork and time management skills. I’m so happy that Go and I have won the competition! We worked really hard and it means so much to both of us. Sustainable development goals are important and our videos will help them get talked about more. I think it’s extremely important to have a global mind-set, understanding the importance of connecting with people from other cultures on both an intellectual and an emotional level. With this mind-set, we can support each other through anything!”

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