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SR Education - a guide to Apprenticeship 20 %...

A short guide to how to tackle the 20% off the job element and maximise the success of your apprenticeship programme

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Anne Milton has resigned as Skills Minister just before Boris Johnson is announced as Prime Minister

Prior to the announcement of the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Anne Milton resigned as Skills and Apprenticeship Minister. Anne Milton has held the post since June 2017 and explained in a Tweet earlier today. 

In just three months Zurich UK increases senior female job applications by 45% with one easy change #WomenOnBoards

How has Zurich UK increased the number of senior female job applications by 45% in just three months?

Redefining the Role of #EdTech - The Rise of Cobots and #AI in Education #EduAI

How to reach and engage hard to reach young people

Changing the Rules to Get Prisoners into #Apprenticeships