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State-of-the-art 'IQ Building' Planned for Liverpool Hope University

A multi-million pound new ‘IQ’ building will boost the student learning experience at Liverpool Hope University (@LiverpoolHopeUK), the institution has announced.  Major refurbishment and building projects have been launched across Hope's campuses - crucial works designed to help students but to also reduce the university's carbon footprint on the road towards net zero targets. 

Aukus Pact highlights 'crazy', 'absurd' lack of AI education in schools, warns academic

The UK’s involvement in the ‘Aukus’ security pact highlights an urgent need to teach Artificial Intelligence in schools, a leading expert has warned.

'Hate Will Not Win' - Hope University Launches City Guide for Trans Students

Liverpool Hope University (@LiverpoolHopeUK) has launched a new guide for trans and non-binary students - with the authors proudly promising that ‘hate will not win’.  The book Pink, White & Blue Liverpool guide has been published by the Liverpool Hope Students’ Union. 

New Home Education report is 'narrow minded' and could 'damage children', says academic.

A response to the Commons Education Committee’s ‘Strengthening Home Education’ report. “These are narrow-minded policies that do not consider the collateral damage they will cause to children.”

University Holds Solo Graduation Ceremony for Just One Special PhD Student

@LiverpoolHopeUK university has held a solo graduation ceremony for just one special PhD student - for the first time in its 177 year history. 

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