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AELP’s Mark Dawe discussing 20% off the job training in Apprenticeships

Mark Dawe on 20% off the job

Here is podcast number 3 that we recorded with Mark Dawe, Chief Executive of the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP). This episode Mark chats about 20% off the job training in Apprenticeships.

Mark discusses the contentious topic of 20% off the job training, which Mark explains is one of the main barriers that both employers and providers have seen in the new Apprenticeship system.

Mark explains that as 20% off the job training is so flexible, that AELP are currently consulting with DfE to produce some guidance on 20% off the job training for providers and more importantly employers, so as they know what they are doing is within the rules.

He then explains that on some standards the blanket 20% off the job training rule may not be appropriate. Mark explains that Off the job training should be looked at standard, by standard, not a total blanket 20% rule and that even Ofsted say that 20% off the job training isn’t a measure of quality. He explains that on some standards and roles, sometimes it may need to be 20%, others 10% or 30% Off the job training to be beneficial.

Here are the links to podcasts number 1 and 2 in the series (just in case you missed them):

In the first podcast Mark chats about End Point Assessment & AELP’s plans for the future workforce development. 

In the second podcast in the series, Mark discusses pre-Apprenticeships and Level 2

We recorded a bunch of podcasts at a recent 3aaa conference at Wembley with Mark, we have called it our Wembley Tour of Apprenticeships, with one podcast a week being rolled out between now and the AELP national conference at the end of June. Please click below to hear what Mark has to say about 20% off the job in Apprenticeships:

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