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Podcast with Alastair Campbell on mental health and well being for leaders

Alastair Campbell, the Sultan of Spin, chats with Gavin O'Meara, FE News

We chat with Alastair Campbell about mental health and well being for Leaders. Alastair who is a Time to Change Ambassador, which is a charity set up to end mental health discrimination shares a few tips for leaders to be aware of their mental health and well being.

We explained to Alastair that the World of Further Education, Apprenticeships / Work Based Learning and Employability is adapting to constant change in strategy, funding and we explained that as a result of this, the sector is under a lot of pressure and stress at this time. Alastair has been in several very high-pressure roles in his career. He is particularly well known for his role as the spokesperson, press secretary and head of communications and strategy for previous Prime Minister Tony Blair. This role must have been an incredibly stressful, with constant pressure 24×7. He is also a Time to Change Ambassador and thought it would be interesting to hear what he has to say on mental health and well being.

We think this will be particularly interesting podcast for those in a leadership position to see how Alastair has maintained his well being under high pressure environments. 

So what can we learn from Alastair on how to cope with constant change, pressure and stressful situations? 

Please click on his video below to hear what Alastair Campbell has to say about mental health, well being and dealing with stressful situations: 


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