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Student admissions experts offer key tips ahead of Clearing

Dylan Cozens

Student admissions experts offer key tips ahead of Clearing

Clearing can feel like a stressful and anxious experience but experts from Coventry University’s Recruitment and Admissions team say students should feel empowered instead.

Clearing is the process through which universities recruit students who haven’t already received or accepted offers from higher education institutions, didn’t meet the conditions of their initial offers or have changed their minds about their preferred course or university.

As A-level results are confirmed, students all over the UK will have big decisions to make regarding their next steps in education.

Despite the anxiety and uncertainty that can be associated with Clearing, students are being urged not to panic and are reminded that they remain in control of their next steps, with access to key support and advice from Coventry University.

1.Feel empowered to take your next steps

Steph Walton, regional director for Coventry University Recruitment and Admissions (CURA), said:

“Whether you’ve changed your mind about your preferred university, the grades you obtained aren’t quite what you were expecting, or you just want to explore some potential alternative options, Clearing can actually be a very exciting time for students for many reasons.

“With that said, we also understand that it can be quite an anxious time, so we would urge students to reach out to us – tell us about your circumstances and let us try to help guide and support you through the process. Remember, teams like ours are dedicated to helping you out, and with the advice we offer you, you are empowered to make the choice that you feel is right for you.”

2. A clearing offer is not an obligation

Dylan Cozens, regional manager for CURA, said:

“The crucial thing for students to remember is that they are in control throughout the process. A clearing offer from university does not mean an obligation to accept. You can still continue exploring your options and ultimately make the choice you feel is right for you.”

3. Get the answers you need from experts that want to help

Steph said:

“We have a range of support available to prospective students exploring the possibilities of Clearing. You can talk to us via our online live chat, or if you prefer a direct conversation you can pick up the phone and give us a call. What we can do is listen to your situation, take on board your education and career aspirations and try to provide information and ultimately hopefully an offer that you can consider. You can also use the information we give you to compare us and our courses to other universities and locations, enabling you to make the best decision for you. Again, the student remains in control, we just hope to give them the tools to be able to make an informed decision about studying with us or exploring other opportunities.”

4. Do your research

Dylan said:

“At Coventry University we are really proud to produce job-ready graduates through our high quality education and our links and opportunities in collaboration with businesses and industries. We’re confident we can help to find a course to suit everyone, with options in everything from engineering to nursing, and from sports science to arts. Furthermore, even if our extensive range of courses doesn’t quite pique your interest, it may at least open your mind to broader opportunities.

“So don’t hesitate, pick up the phone or get online and speak to us about Clearing, and we’re confident we can help you.”

Steph said:

“We would always encourage students to be prepared and do their research. If you’re considering going to university through Clearing, you might even be researching an institution for the first time, and that’s absolutely fine. If you do some reading, find out what universities and courses you might be interested in, and get in touch, we can then give you as much information as possible and try to help guide you towards taking the best possible next steps in your educational journey.”

5. Don’t worry about exams, there are flexible options available

Dylan said:

“There are quite possibly students out there who haven’t sat formal exams since they were in Year 6 due to various circumstances, so we completely understand that some may feel the return of exams to many courses in the near future can be quite daunting. However, it’s important to remember that universities will help you through your studies and work closely with you to try to ensure you have a positive experience.

“There may also be flexible study options available that don’t always include exams, and we will always endeavour to listen to your needs and find something that’s right for you.”

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