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The Trade Union Congress (TUC) is holding its 4-day annual Congress next week and Messrs Marsh and Byrne are going to be there to provide you with the pick of the FE action.

Some 800 delegates will be descending upon what has become one of the most liberal cities in the UK; and what better place then to talk about progress and reform?

Tackling the Disparities

TUC General Secretary, Brendan Barber and Jeannie Drake, the TUC President, are two of a number of high profile figures who will be speaking on issues such as public transport safety, parental leave and climate change, but the area that most interests us goes under the spotlight on Tuesday morning.

The points that must be tackled come 5pm Tuesday include; the progressing of reforms laid out in the White Paper; the disparity between academic and vocational education funding; the effects of the UK long-hours culture on bridging the country’s skills gap; the steps taken since the plans to create Union Academies were published in March; the implications of measures set out in the LSC’s Agenda for Change, such as the controversial National Employer Training Programme (NETP), and the predicted impact they may have had on the yet-to-be-released Foster Review.

Whatever breaks on one of Britain’s most colourful coastal resorts, rest assured that we”ll be there ice cream in hand and spade at the ready!

Phillip Byrne, Union Affairs Correspondent

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