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ETF calls for professional standards input

The education and training sector is being urged to help shape new professional standards aimed at raising the status and profile of teachers, trainers and tutors.

The Education and Training Foundation has launched a consultation that will seek responses until 18 February.

Dereth Wood, chair of the professional standards steering group, said: “Vocational teaching, learning and assessment has always been a sophisticated professional occupation but in the contemporary world, with rapid change in the workplace, and increasing use of technology for teaching and learning, the need for teachers and trainers to continue to refine and develop their skills is even greater.

“There is a real opportunity for the new professional standards to provide a framework for teachers and trainers to take responsibility for their own professional learning.”

Particular points being consulted upon are:

  • Whether the professional standards are relevant to teachers and trainers in a range of organisations across the breadth of the education and training sector
  • Whether the professional standards reflect the distinctive nature of teaching and training in the sector
  • And what the role is of professional standards have when practitioners are working in a de-regulated environment

Natalie Thornhill


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