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ESF Objective 3 Programme Aims to Tackle Capital’s Needs, Ecotec Say

The London skills agenda has received a significant boost from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) through its £29.5m Pan-London European Social Fund (ESF) Objective 3 Programme. This project aims to address the needs of the capital’s skills sector, a report by Ecotec states.

The report, which was launched last month, highlights the relevance of the LSC programme to the regional skills agenda. It shows that the forthcoming regional skills partnership in London will benefit from an effective programme of activities which addresses disadvantage in London and meets the needs of employers.

Six key sectors are set to benefit from the programme: care and health, construction, cultural and creative, tourism and allied industries, information and communications technology, and voluntary and community. Together these account for almost 70 per cent of the programme’s expenditure.

Stakeholders and the LSC Work Together

The LSC programme was developed by the five London LSCs along with other stakeholders in the London regional skills agenda. The programme, which is funded by the ESF and focuses on those most disadvantaged in the labour market, will deliver a range of activities including training and capacity building up to December next year. Ecotec is overseeing the delivery of the programme.

Jacqui Henderson, CBE, regional director London, LSC, believes the programme will provide good support for workers and employers in the capital. “It is encouraging to see so many projects working with key strategic bodies to ensure that this programme addresses the vital skills needs identified by employers. The injection of European social funding will provide significant benefits to some of London’s key priority sectors and a real boost to the regional skills agenda. In this way the LSC Pan London ESF programme will make a real contribution to London’s economy.”

The programme is heavily influenced both by the National Skills Strategy and the Framework for Regional Employment and Skills Action, and involves the London Skills Commission, the Sector Skills Development Agency and Sector Skills Councils.

Brandon Cheevers

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