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European Funding for Construction Project Offers Skills for Workers in Industry

The “Construction Learning for London” project currently underway in the capital is a European-funded initiative intended to provide workers with the training they need for the construction industry.

It is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) to help employees in the industry keep up with skills developments. London MP for Europe, Robert Evans, visited the project in Brent to see how the funding was being put to use.

Congratulations in Order

He congratulated its organisers, including the College of North West London (CNWL), and its partners – the School of Work-Based Learning, Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Multiplex Constructions – for their good work providing quality training for employed individuals living and/or working in the major regeneration areas in London.

So far, over 90 learners across London have been recruited on the project. Mr. Evans stated: “With so many major construction projects underway in London such as the new Wembley stadium and preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the construction industry is vital for our economy. This project has the double advantage of helping out our local work force as well as ensuring this most important industry has the trained staff it needs.”

Project in London

The “Construction Learning for London” project was designed to help those employed within the sector but who eventually might find themselves at risk of redundancy as a result of the introduction of the “Construction Skills Certification Scheme” ““ a skills card system that aims to identify trained construction workers from unqualified ones in order to increase safety standards. The groups most at risk tend to be ethnic minorities and those with low basic skills or English as a second language.

The project is being lead by the Building One Stop Shop (BOSS) based within the CNWL. Training is delivered through CNWL and on site, including in some of the major regeneration areas in London such as King’s Cross and Wembley. The project is funded through the LC Pan-London ESF Objective 3 Programme 1, managed by ECOTEC on behalf of the London LSC.

The ESF supports projects to help people improve their skills and enter work. About £4 billion of ESF is available in England from the 2000-06 programme. London benefits from £480 million of ESF Objective 3 funding in 2000-06. To date this has helped over 440,000 people in London to improve their skills and employability.

Paul Keely

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