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FE News takes a look at the partnership between City & Guilds and VT Education and Skills

Last week FE News reported that C&G had won a £3 million contract with training provider VT Training and Skills. Today we bring you further details about the agreement. We”ve asked City & Guilds to provide us with some answers as to what the partnership will entail.

What has been the existing relationship between C&G and VT, how had you previously worked together?

City & Guilds and VT have previously worked together as partners for many years, supplying qualification and verification services. The contract recently signed formulates our joint aims to establish an even closer working relationship in a partnering environment, post Leitch. Our key joint aims are to identify new opportunities and maximise learner achievement and completion success, and to work together on strategic initiatives.

Its been announced that City & Guilds will be providing VT training with a comprehensive range of products and services. What are the products and services that C&G will be providing to VT?

City & Guilds will be providing a full range of NVQs, VRQs and Diplomas covering all sectors. We will be providing certification services and full external verification support to VT’s internal verification teams on a national basis. This will include joint events and support services around the UK. We will also be exploring joint marketing initiatives and support. Our key objective with this agreement is to focus on strategic partnering. We will support VT by jointly reviewing changes to and the development of frameworks and standards and sector specific matters.

How will this impact on trainers and learners at ground level?

Through our support work with VT’s trainers we will keep them up to speed with the latest qualification and verification standards and requirements, and aid the standardisation process. We will deliver specialist qualification support.

With regard to learners, we will be providing and delivering the best possible verification standards and therefore a high quality qualification. Our aim is to maximise learner completion rates.

City & Guilds win £3 million contract

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