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Adverts highlight Train to Gain service

“The Learning Skills Council(LSC) has launched a new advertising campaign urging employers to invest in training through the skills brokerage service Train to Gain. The cross media campaign continues the “Our Future. It’s in our hands” concept which was first launched last week with an ad campaign urging individuals to improve their skills.

Jaine Clarke, National Director, Skills for Employers, at the LSC, said: “The launch of the Train to Gain advertising campaign today will build on the success of the service since its national launch in September last year. To date over 43,000 employers have used the Train to Gain to identify and address skills gaps in their workforce, in a way that is cost effective and tailored to their business needs. This campaign will reach more employers than ever before, enabling many more employers to reap the benefits Train to Gain can bring.”

The campaigns have been developed by ad agency Leo Burnett. While the skills campaign advertisements feature hands in the shape of a tulip, a swan and a mountain, the Train to Gain version depicts a lorry with a painted hand on the front speeding towards the camera, to illustrate how Train to Gain can help set their business “on the right road”. This is reinforced by the voiceover, which points out that, although employers may be content with the way their business is going now, it is essential to ensure their staff have the right skills for the future.

David Lammy, Minister for Skills in the new Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, said: “In launching a major new marketing campaign we are responding to the challenge set out by Lord Leitch in his Review of Skills, to bring about a culture change in the nation’s attitude to skills.

“Achieving our world class ambition means dramatically increasing the number of adults who improve their skills and achieve qualifications each year, at all levels from functional literacy and numeracy, to higher education levels. To deliver our ambition, we must forge a new partnership between government, employers and individuals, with each taking responsibility for increasing their action and investment.

“We need to dramatically raise awareness and aspirations on skills. We need employers to see the value of and the need to invest in skills at all levels. And we need individuals to pay more attention to and take action to address their skills needs.”

Train to Gain was launched last year to help businesses get the training they need to succeed. The service offers impartial, independent skills advice, matches business needs with Further Education and training providers and identifies whether any funding is available. An independent Skills Broker visits the business and draws up a package of suitable training providers and courses, enabling the employer to make an informed choice.

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