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Leading E – Learning Specialist to Grow in Year Ahead

Discovery Online, one of the UK’s leading e ““ learning specialist companies, is set to expand following the successful completion of a learning solution for an American travel company.

They have recently concluded a successful agreement to provide an innovative learning solution for California Tourism, and are currently attracting a great deal of interest from within the travel industry. Having cut their international teeth, so to speak, with the California Tourism contract, they are also receiving enquiries from organisations and businesses whose nature requires a large scale and geographically diverse approach.

A Brief Voyage of Discovery on Discovery

The company was first established by Dave Pope, who brings his experience of the recruitment, substantial training consultancy and customer sales sectors to the position. The company employs more than thirty programmers and designers. Businesses are increasingly turning to e ““ learning solutions as the most effective and flexible tool for improving training and education of their workforces. E ““ learning offers benefits in areas such as budgetary and timetable constraints.

Discovery Online works closely with clients to build a learning environment that is flexible, stimulating and informative. Historically e-learning has been extremely successful in all areas of induction training, sales and marketing, new product launches, product training, IT training, technical training, business management skills, customer education and compliance training. E ““ learning solutions can offer more still, and the hope of Mr. Pope is that Discovery Online will be in a position to offer such services.

JetSet Holidays Welcome Training

Adrian Smyth of JetSet Holidays spoke of the broad welcome for the training initiative, saying: “I would just like to congratulate Discovery Online for producing a training programme module that is strong on content, user friendly and visually superb! Our Call Centre staff all enrolled for the California training programme prior to Christmas and found the modules very interactive and highly enjoyable.

“Im pleased to say that all 25 staff who registered finished the programme and passed,” he continued. “This however is not a reflection of the standard of the modules, more the fact that once they started working through the online training, and they couldnt stop!”

The travel industry is obviously suited to the use of e ““ learning, and it is to be commended for taking advantage of the opportunity on offer. Many other areas of business could afford to take a leaf out of the travel industry’s book, as one of the barriers to education sponsored by businesses is the loss of man hours and the costs of running the course.

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