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Learners in Lancashire Reported to be Satisfied Customers of Post 16 Teaching to LSC

A recent survey conducted by the Learning Skills Council (LSC) revealed that learners in Lancashire are exceptionally satisfied with the quality of post-16 teaching.

The National Learner Satisfaction Survey 2004/05 found that 93% of learners in FE are satisfied with teaching standards, and among these, 70% feel “very” or “extremely” satisfied with the teaching they receive. As part of the survey, FE learners across Lancashire evaluated their teachers against a range of different criteria. 73 gave their teachers 9 or 10 out of 10 for their knowledge of the subject and 60 graded those 9 or 10 out of 10 for their ability to relate to them as a person.

Surveying Satisfaction

The NLSS has been carried out annually since 2001 (2001/02; 2002/03; 2003/04; 2004/05). The next NLSS will be carried out in 2006/07. The Survey will not be undertaken in 2005/06 to allow the LSC to review the methodology and objectives of the research. This review will ensure that the Survey, which is an important source of data for the LSC and the FE sector as a whole, is still meeting the needs of the sector.

The findings come hard on the heels of the FE White Paper “Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances” and the Chancellor’s announcement in his 2006 Budget of the Government’s commitment to providing £500 million of capital investment in FE colleges and an annual budget worth £7 billion by 2008.

The LSC also pledges to raise the quality of provision through making improvements, such as planning development, planning clear indicators and to eliminate unsatisfactory provision in the FE sector, by 2008. The LSC is also to work in partnership with the newly-launched Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) to support colleges and providers in their drive for excellence.

A Tremendous Achievement

John Korzeniewski, LSC Regional Director for the North West, said: “The findings of the NLSS are a tremendous achievement for the FE sector. We are delighted that learners in Lancashire are reporting such high levels of satisfaction. We hope this inspires learners to keep actively learning and inspires other people to take up courses, either trying something new or building on existing knowledge and skills.”

Mr. Korzeniewski also believes: “The FE White Paper stressed the importance of placing learners at the heart of the system, and it is encouraging to find that the sector’s efforts to listen and respond to learners” needs are already having an impact on satisfaction levels in Lancashire. We must now push even harder to make sure students get as much as possible out of learning. There are still areas for improvement and it is important not to become complacent, but the research results are excellent news for the sector and promise an exciting time ahead, both for learners and for the sector as a whole.”

Sudakshina Mukherjee

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