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NVQ and FE Recruitment company exceeds 10,000 candidates

Chimeara the specialist Further Education and Work Based Learning NVQ recruitment agency has cracked the 10,000 candidate mark this month. The agency which was established in 2001, specialises in recruiting NVQ Assessors, Internal Verifiers, NVQ Centre Managers for private NVQ Training Providers and Programme Manager’s for FE Colleges.

Chimeara have been investing heavily in the latest technology to raise efficiency and streamline their services. According to O”Meara who is the Managing Director of Chimeara, the investment has paid off. “Chimeara has invested heavily in a new recruitment database, that incorporates a strong CRM backend and bespoke recruitment processes tailored to the work based learning and FE recruitment marketplace. We have also continued to invest heavily in advertising and marketing on behalf of our clients. It has been a real roller coaster of a ride over the past couple of years, but the investment is paying off, for both candidates and clients.

Due to our investment we have an automated matching process for candidates against our “live” vacancies and clients with new vacancies against existing candidates on the database. Prior to our new database a candidate search could take 2 -3 hours, we can now complete a search in 45 minutes! Candidates are automatically matched against live roles. But this does not mean that we are run by robots, for every 50 applications we receive, we normally short list 5 people and usually present 2-3 people to our clients. So our matching and interview process is more stringent as ever.”

Chimeara have also had a Head Office D-Day with the HQ relocating from Docklands in East London to sunny Devon. Another milestone has been reached this month with over 10,000 candidates registered on their database.

The name Chimeara was chosen back in 2000 as the company name for several reasons. According to Greek mythology the Chimera was a formidable beast made up by the Head of a Lion, the Belly of a Goat and the backend of a Dragon. Greek beast or not, Chimeara now has a formidable beast of a FE and NVQ Recruitment database.

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