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Ruth Kelly Announces Re – Appointment of Richard Handover for Adult Learning Inspector

The Chair of the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI), Richard Handover, has been re ““ appointed by the Education Secretary Ruth Kelly MP, it was announced today.

The re ““ appointment means that Mr. Handover will continue in the post until at least April 2007, with the possibility of an extension until January 2008 should this be required. The announcement means that Mr. Handover will be the Chair as the ALI is drawn into the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s” Services and Skills (Ofsted) and will see him chair the Strategy Board overseeing the merger.

Ruth Kelly Looks for Continuity

The Education Secretary Ruth Kelly MP was pleased to make the announcement, saying: “I am very pleased that Richard has agreed to continue as Chair of the ALI, providing stability and consistency to the ALI’s Board and staff in delivering the ALI’s remit in 2006-07.”

She continued: “I also look forward to working with Richard to oversee the very important work in the transition to the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.” Mr. Handover was also delighted at his reappointment, saying: “I am delighted Ruth Kelly has asked me to continue as Chair of the ALI and to ensure that the new inspectorate for education, children’s services and skills builds on the very best from all the existing organisations.”

The Task at Hand

Mr. Handover also discussed the tasks ahead and his pride in the ALI’s reputation and achievements. He said: “Chairing the ALI for the past four years has been a great privilege. It is a five-star organisation, as good as anything you”ll find in the private sector.”

He spoke of the need for ever greater levels of cooperation between stakeholders, and said: “Delivering the national skills strategy and maintaining services to children at risk, schools and key ALI clients like the Ministry of Defence, Jobcentre Plus and the Home Office, demands nothing less.”

The merger with Ofsted by the ALI was broadly welcomed across FE; however, there were strong reservations expressed by some stakeholders from the Adult Learning sector that the quality of the inspections would suffer. It remains to be seen whether Mr. Handover’s Strategy Board will succeed in allaying these concerns.

Jethro Marsh

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