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City and Guilds offers top tips for applying to an apprenticeship ahead of National Apprenticeship week

Have you been thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

Please see below for some top tips from Kirstie Donnelly, CEO of City & Guilds, the skills development organisation, on how you can move forward.

  1. Do Your Research. If you are excited about the prospect of gaining a qualification and studying while working and think an apprenticeship might be the right path for you, research is key to finding out if this route really can help you reach the career you’re interested in.
  1. Identify the trade or industry that’s right for you. Do you want to become an engineer? Or are you interested in working in health? Check out all the options to see what pathways are available for each industry.
  1. Once you know what industries are out there, consider what specific job role suits you, your interests and future ambitions. For instance, if you’re interested in becoming a mechanic or childcare professional, you need to learn about what’s expected from someone in that role, and make sure an apprenticeship will help to get you where you want to be. 
  1. You also need to think about what level apprenticeship you should be looking for. If you’ve already finished your A-Levels, you can aim for higher or degree apprenticeships. If you’ve just done your GCSEs, you should look for Intermediate (Advanced) level opportunities.
  1. Use the Find an apprenticeship service ( to identify a few specific apprenticeships you’re interested in and look up the details. Remember, as well as considering salary and the location of the job, you need to think about how they will train you up and where you’d be doing your off-the-job training.

Parents, teachers and students can find out more about the vocational and technical education routes available to them on the City & Guilds Group:

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