We have closed the Ofsted Online site today as replacement web pages are now fully operational.

As part of the continuing improvements and updates we’re making to Ofsted’s online systems, we’ve moved our application forms for new services and guidance over to GOV.UK closing the outdated Ofsted Online site.

Our new pages provide access to all our childcare and early years forms and our social care forms.

You can use them to:

  • register with us
  • tell us about changes
  • report a serious incident or accident
  • pay an Ofsted invoice

GOV.UK is a much easier-to-use site and this change provides a number of improvements to the service:

  • the information is easier to view on your phone and the site can be used on any browser
  • guidance for each form now appears on the page, rather than on a separate site
  • the application forms have been updated to a step-by-step process.
  • a more secure method of payment has been introduced for independent schools, childcare and social care providers to pay their Ofsted invoices

We tested the new forms and guidance with a wide range of users and listened to their feedback, which has been very positive. To help us continue to improve, please tell us what you think of the new service through links at the end of each form.

Note: As Ofsted Online is no longer available, any browser bookmarks or references to the old site will need to be updated with the new GOV.UK links.

Published 8 July 2020