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Online education platform Shaw Academy offers free courses in areas affected by Coronavirus

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Following a surge in people applying for online courses, Dublin based education platform @ShawAcademy is offering free access to its selection of four week courses to anyone living in areas affected by the COVID-19 #Coronavirus. Its aim is to give people an easy and flexible way of reskilling or upskilling during this turbulent time. 

With official lockdowns coming into force around the world to help protect the most vulnerable, Shaw Academy is offering people self-isolating the opportunity to earn qualifications across a range of topics, covering finance, photography, health and fitness, marketing, technology, design, beauty, music and business. All qualifications are internationally recognised and fully accredited. In addition to providing free learning modules, the Shaw Academy is reducing the cost of 12 months access to its courses by 70% for people in affected areas, and is also offering over 100,000 people in the developing world in need of education free access for life as part of its Get Skills Give Skills programme.*

“With the coronavirus outbreak forcing businesses to close and more and more people around the world self isolating indoors, education providers are in a unique position to provide something that can positively benefit people during this difficult period. Many people will want to use this time to better themselves, only to find that with the country in lockdown opportunities to do so are suddenly limited. That should not be a barrier to self betterment, and so Shaw Academy is giving millions of people around the UK and all over the world the opportunity to reskill and upskill for free. The demand for higher education at a lower cost has never been greater, and we are keen to use our position as an educator to help people in these uncertain times”

The Shaw Academy has over 6.5 million graduates from its courses and professional diplomas spread across the world. Courses are built around a series of Interactive Online Classes focusing on practical knowledge coupled with peer-interaction and student support. Built to be convenient and flexible, students can schedule and reschedule classes at ease and can even catch up on classes on the go – ensuring they can learn at their own pace without wasting any of their valuable time. 

Unique amongst online education providers, students attending Shaw Academy’s online courses are able to ask questions during lessons which can be addressed by the organisation’s proprietary in-house AI powered chatbot, which responds both quickly and accurately. Human responders are also available for the rare occasions in which the AI cannot help, but the speed and adaptability of the virtual teacher offers students a highly personalised and fast feedback loop, allowing them to progress more quickly in their studies.

Shaw Academy recently secured over €7,000,000 in investment from a consortium of education based entrepreneurs after successfully exiting examinership. This investment is being used to scale the platform for the ever increasing demand in online education resources, to expand Shaw Academy’s already extensive range of courses, and to reach new audiences worldwide. 

*Part of the Shaw Scholarship initiative, the Get Skilled Give Skills Programme works towards giving free education to those who need it most, but are the least able to afford it. It operates primarily in the poorest countries in the world, where education is the biggest constraint on development. The programme gives the most needy the opportunity to go to school and/or stay in school, through education handing them the tools to build a better future for themselves and others. 

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