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UCAS has confirmed #TLevels will be allocated UCAS points in line with 3 #Alevels

UCAS Tariff points allocated for T Levels

Today (20 Aug), UCAS has confirmed the Tariff point allocation for T Levels. 

UCAS has confirmed T Levels will be allocated UCAS points in line with 3 A levels.

The Tariff is a broad metric based on a qualification’s size and grading structure, and uses regulated information to inform its allocation. The Tariff score allocated to T Levels aligns to the standard confirmed by the Department for Education. Further information on this can be found on the Department for Education’s website.

The Tariff points allocated for each overall grade is as follows:

UCAS Tariff points T Level overall grade
168 Distinction*
144 Distinction
120 Merit
96 Pass (C or above on the core)
72 Pass (D or above on the core)

A Department for Education spokesperson said:

“T Levels will be the gold standard technical course of choice for young people post-16 and will carry UCAS points equivalent to 3 of our world-class A levels. This means young people, parents and employers can be confident T Levels will be just as stretching as their academic equivalents, and will offer students the option of progressing to the next level, whether that is a job, higher technical training, a degree or an apprenticeship.

“Last week the Education Secretary also announced that T Level results will be published on the same day as A levels from 2022, so that all students receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work.

“We have also confirmed today that students who pass all elements of their T Level will receive an overall grade of Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*; and they will get a nationally recognised certificate (‘T Level Certificate’) which will show their overall grade and a breakdown of what they have achieved across the T Level programme.”

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