From education to employment

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training


This Level 4 teaching qualification is designed to develop delegates practical teaching skills helping them to become effective teachers in a range of Post-16 contexts.…

ILR & data management for apprenticeships – February


Getting your ILR and data management right is incredibly important for any apprenticeship provider. Understanding the data requirements, errors and risks will help you avoid…


Designing a Bootcamp


Overview Skills Bootcamps are the ‘go-to’ development programme for the current administration, with new opportunities available at a national, Combined Authority and Local Enterprise level.…


Contextualised English, maths & ICT


Embedding English, Maths and ICT is something that many teachers and trainers are aware we should be doing in our planning, but how deep does…

Inspection Touchpoints, the EIF and the CEIAG lens


Overview The Department for Education, the owners of the matrix Standard for information, advice and guidance services, require matrix Standard to align with the Ofsted…


Governance – Establishing an Effective Board


Ineffective governance has been one of the most commonly occurring Ofsted criticisms of providers deemed to be ‘Inadequate’ or who ‘Require Improvement’. At this important…

Audits and Compliance for Apprenticeships


Overview This webinar will give delegates an insight into the purpose and process of audits and will explain how audits are typically conducted within apprenticeships.…


Understanding Apprenticeship Funding 2023/24


The apprenticeship funding rules and requirements for 2023/24 have been fairly extensively modified affecting the paperwork and processes which providers need to use.  At this…

Preparing for an Apprenticeship Audit


Education and Skills Funding Agency funding rules and requirements are disparate, complex and easy to misinterpret. The responsibility for identifying irregularities in the claims process,…