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Arden University awards Honorary Doctorate to inspirational DEI champion

Diversity and inclusion visionary, Anju Solanki, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Arden University to celebrate her dedication to driving change for future generations and removing invisible barriers in the workplace for underrepresented groups.

Anju founded MEA Consulting Group, a thought-leading diversity and inclusion consultancy, to champion and create inclusive workplaces where underrepresented groups can thrive. In doing so, Anju has cultivated innovative and thought-provoking training for some of the world’s leading, aspirational organisations, including the government, charities, corporates and schools.

Through her work with MEA, Anju has helpeddesign world-leading diversity, equity and inclusion experiences in virtual reality using virtual embodiment – a concept which has the ability to scientifically reduce unconscious bias and promote behavioural change – which has since been rolled out to the NHS and other leading establishments.

Anju has been a Business Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which is dedicated to empowering women from low- and middle-income countries to start, grow and sustain successful businesses to redefine the future for themselves and their societies. She was also recently appointed on the advisory board for Everything in Sport Women’s Edition 2023 at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

Commenting on the award, Carl Lygo, CEO and Vice Chancellor at Arden University, said:

“We are both delighted and privileged to award an Honorary Doctorate to Anju in this summer’s graduations. Her work in championing women and underrepresented groups, so they’re able to enter and succeed in a workplace that values their individual differences, is extraordinary and incredibly important.

“Anju has chosen to dedicate her life’s work to tackling the invisible barriers she’s experienced first-hand, and in doing so is driving real change for future generations and our society. It’s truly inspirational.”

In encouraging others to empower and embrace different view points in today’s society, Anju is also a highly sought motivational speaker on topics such as: understanding differences and intersectionality, how to become better allies and role models and demystifying barriers and understanding micro behaviours.

Speaking about her Honorary Doctorate, Anju said:

“I feel honoured to receive this humbling recognition from Arden University. Having experienced the invisible barriers faced by women and ethnic minorities in today’s society, I am – and always will be – incredibly passionate about promoting equality for all.

“This focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is something I know Arden shares – and I am incredibly proud to receive such a prestigious award from a university that champions these values and also drives for real change in society.”

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