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Leading partners team up to bridge UK and Chinese Vocational Education.

Darren and Gavin

This week the CUK TVET Alliance (CUK) and FE News, signed an innovative strategic partnership to create sustainable cooperation between Chinese and UK Vocational education colleges. The project aims to encourage better understand of the values, characteristics and best practice of both countries approaches to skill based vocational education. 

FE News is the UK’s number one portal for Senior Leaders and Managers to stay in touch with each other’s innovation, best practices, and successes, and reaches the whole industry in the UK.
FE News is based in the UK, with over 8,200 contributors, its audience split is 70% UK and 30% international.

Contributors on FE News range from thought leaders in the UK with specialisms in Further Education, Skills and Apprenticeships, EdTech to developing skills for the future of work, to how AI will impact the future of skills, assessment and future of work. International contributors on FE News range from skills experts and academics from organisations such as OECD, G7, Unesco, GAN and large international corporates developing skills strategies. FE News is also a key stakeholder in the relationship between UK employers (companies) and education providers.

FE News has been a digital publishing platform for over 20 years, it was established long before Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and has a well-established community of thought leaders and audience interested in the latest best practice innovations.

CUK TVET Alliance,  is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to bringing UK and international Vocational Education providers closer together. CUK represents and operates alongside official Awarding Organisations (AOs) and colleges in UK at operational level. They support the international community in the development and recognition of skilled workforces that support regional economic growth. CUK brings together Chinese and UK Vocational institutions for creating infrastructure of world leading HR supply-chain development.

Darren and Gavin

Mr O’Meara CEO and Founder of FE News said,

“We are delighted to be embarking on this meaningful cooperation with our friends at CUK TVET Alliance, to bring our global education community closer together. This week during our conference, we learned in detail about some great successes from China, for example we learned about the recent Luban project and how Vocational Education in China is contributing toward the value of the Belt and Road global initiative. In the UK we know very little about the latest strategies and developments in vocational education in China, and now with help from our friends at CUK, we are looking forward to sharing the latest vocational strategies from China with our UK Further Education and Skills sector colleagues. CUK want to showcase thought leadership articles from our contributors on FE News to help share knowledge of the latest vocational skills developments in the UK and across the World.

China has such a rich history and culture, so to be able to share this with our senior leadership audience will be very much of interest to our audience. China is also a huge country, it will be amazing to share strategies on reaching such a huge number of learners. China is also a world leader in industry and developing skills, so sharing this knowledge on how to upskill and reskill learners to meet employers needs at scale, will be really interesting to our UK and global skills audience. The World is also going through a huge transformation or disruption with the future of work and ways of working in using technology. So sharing expertise and knowledge on the latest vocational strategies from China will be very interesting to our global skills audience and ultimately help learners across the globe. It is exciting.  

We also hope, that the articles that our friends at CUK repurpose from experts writing on FE News and translate into Chinese, will also be of interest and help our future friends in China as well. We are hoping this will be the start of something very beneficial for all of the TVET, Further Education and Skills global community and create a mutually beneficial knowledge exchange.

Sharing the latest thought leadership on Skills and Vocational development from China and a knowledge exchange from thought leaders writing and contributing on FE News to be shared in China as well. So everyone benefits across the globe. I passionately believe that everyone should be curious, to learn new things, from students to leaders, especially leaders. What can we learn? What can we share? How can we all work together to expand our knowledge, explore different ideas and strategies and potentially forge new partnerships?

Longer term, there is huge potential to help bring everyone closer together, to have a better understanding of different vocational learning systems. To share best practice and innovation. I would love it if as a result of our relationship with CUK, we can have a regular expert voice on the latest skills and vocational developments in China to share on FE News.

It would be incredibly amazing to even explore wider ways of working such as virtual roundtable events in the future to help facilitate knowledge exchanges with skills experts, or even for this to forge potential global skills partnerships. It is exciting, there is huge potential for this to be the start of developing greater understanding, collaborative working and forging meaningful partnerships. At FE News, we have been asked many times about how to develop links or even understanding as to what are the latest developments in vocational education in China. So I hope this can be the start of something amazing. “

The project initially intends to share information to UK senior leaders, about majors and curriculums that Chinese vocational education is leading the world with, and how these curriculums can be integrated into international environments.  EG , China is world leading in Railway Industry, Chinese cooking and hospitality industry is world leading and diverse.

The project will encourage discussion at all levels and explore the integration of modules to UK from China, and vice versa.  Eg. Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophies in western Nurse and healthcare qualifications.

Mr Horne, Co Chair of CUK TVET Alliance commented,

“We are delighted to be working with Gavin and his highly experienced team. This partnership will bring UK and China vocational education  closer together, and provide students and teachers from UK and China with much better understanding of the needs, next and best practices of both countries. FE News is a strong voice in the UK FE community, they monitor the mood of the employers and play a vital role in the support of relationship between employers and vocational education providers.

“Equally, I am delighted that Mr O’Meara  has such a passion for understanding our work in China. We intend to provide plenty of success stories from our vocational friends and colleagues in China”. 



FE新闻是英国高级领导者和管理人员了解彼此创新、最佳实践和成功案例的头号门户网站,新闻内容覆盖英国整个行业。FE新闻总部位于英国,拥有超过 8,200 名撰稿人,其受众群体中 70% 为英国受众,30% 为国际受众。FE新闻的撰稿人包括英国的思想领袖,他们的专业领域包括继续教育、技能和学徒、教育科技、未来工作技能的开发,以及人工智能将如何影响未来的技能、评估和工作。FE News 的国际撰稿人包括来自 OECD、G7、Unesco、GAN 等组织的技能专家和学者以及制定技能战略的大型国际企业。FE新闻也是英国雇主(公司)和教育机构之间关系的主要利益相关者。FE新闻作为数字出版平台已有 20 多年的历史,其成立时间早于 Facebook、Twitter 和 YouTube,拥有一个由对最新最佳实践创新感兴趣的思想领袖和受众组成的完善社区。

中英职业技术教育联盟(CUK TVET Alliance,以下简称“CUK”)是一个非盈利组织,致力于将英国和国际职业教育提供者紧密联系在一起。CUK代表并在英国的运营层面与官方授奖机构(AOs)和学院合作。他们支持国际社区发展和认可支持地区经济增长的熟练劳动力。CUK汇集了中国和英国的职业机构,致力于打造世界领先的人力资源供应链发展基础设施。

FE News的首席执行官兼创始人奥米拉(O’Meara)先生表示:“我们很高兴与我们在中英职业技术教育联盟(CUK)的朋友们开展这项有意义的合作,将我们的全球教育社区紧密联系在一起。在本周的会议期间,我们详细了解了一些中国取得的伟大成就,例如我们了解了最近的鲁班项目,以及中国职业教育如何对“一带一路”全球倡议的价值做出贡献。在英国,我们对中国职业教育的最新战略和发展了解甚少,现在中英职业技术教育联盟(CUK)的帮助下,我们期待着与我们在英国继续教育和技能领域的同行们分享中国的最新职业战略。CUK也希望通过FE新闻上的投稿者展示我们的思想领袖文章,以帮助分享英国和全球范围内最新的职业技能发展知识。”






该项目将鼓励各个层面的讨论,并探索中英之间双向的课程模块融合。例如,将传统中医 (TCM) 哲学融入西方护士和医疗保健资格中。

中英职业技术教育联盟(CUK TVET Alliance)的联合主席霍恩先生评论道:“我们很高兴与加文(Gavin)及其经验丰富的团队合作。这种合作将使英国和中国的职业教育更加紧密,为英国和中国的学生和教师提供更好地了解两国需求、未来发展和最佳实践的机会。FE新闻在英国的继续教育社区中具有强大的声音,他们关注雇主的心声,并在支持雇主与职业教育提供者之间的关系中发挥着至关重要的作用。同样,我很高兴奥米拉(O’Meara)先生对于了解我们在中国开展的工作充满热情。我们将会提供许多来自中国职业教育发展领域的朋友和同事的成功案例。”

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