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Responding to today’s Spring Statement, Dr Coorous Mohtadi, Senior Academic Technical Specialist, MathWorks, argues that despite increased investment in UK education, the skills gap continues to be an issue.

This time last year, Hammond unveiled his plan to increase investment in STEM subject research by £300m, as well as the introduction of new ‘T-Levels’, and technical students’ training hours being increased by more than 50%.

Today, it was promising to hear that the Chancellor continues to be dedicated to this cause and from next month £50 million will be available for the roll-out of T-levels.

This is particularly important as the skills gap remains one of the most significant issues affecting British businesses, particularly with Brexit on the horizon.

However, the questions remains, ‘how can we ensure that existing investment directly translates into the narrowing of the STEM skills gap?’.

Education methods, such as project based learning, are key for teaching young people relevant skills that will be directly transferable and relevant for the jobs the country’s future economy requires.

In addition, with public sector spending at breaking point it is critical that the government makes sure return on investment is kept front of mind by enforcing best practice teaching methods, whilst simultaneously safeguarding the future of the British workforce and industry.

Dr Coorous Mohtadi, Senior Academic Technical Specialist, MathWorks

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