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British people considering changing careers as a result of Coronavirus

The last 18 months have been odd. We’ve gone from being stuck inside baking countless batches of banana bread to finding ourselves having a favourite facemask. We’ve redecorated, reshuffled, and reorganised our homes until the restrictions were lifted and the cows came home.  

Apprenticeships make a magnificent comeback after being negatively impacted by lockdowns

When lockdown came into action last spring, people of all ages, from all sectors, felt the impact. Whether you were a student, an employee, or a CEO, changes had to be made. These changes were no different for those who were studying apprenticeships.  

Futures announce Adult Education Budget contract award for 2021/22

Futures (@Futures_mngt) are set to continue their mission to deliver a wide array of training options across the East Midlands and the East of England, by aiming to support over 500 adults a year to achieve a range of qualifications that enable them to take their next steps in life

Ofsted confirms Futures’ Apprenticeships and Adult Provision Having Beneficial Impact

@Ofstednews’s recent visit to Futures (@Futures_mngt) confirms reasonable and significant progress across the board in apprenticeships and adult learning.

Futures set to deliver Well for Work

Futures set to deliver Well for Work, a comprehensive employment support initiative across the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire region

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