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How to support neurodiverse learners: #2 Non-Verbal memory

This domain encompasses our ability to remember visual information.

How to support neurodiverse learners: #1 Verbal memory

Verbal memory is a type of long-term memory involved in remembering and recalling spoken or written information.

How to support neurodiverse learners: an introduction

What does it really mean to think differently? We all have our own perspective on the world. Each of us thinks and learns in our own way. It’s the job of educators to teach people new information, which gives them the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to succeed. But how often do we give people the skills, knowledge and behaviour they need to learn this information in the first place?

Cognassist launches The Neurodiversity Masterclass, endorsed by the NCFE as continuing personal development, and it’s free!

Cognassist (@CognAssist) is incredibly proud to offer The Neurodiversity Masterclass, a free endorsed learning programme in neurodiversity. A series of six seminars, this masterclass is designed to give educators the tools they need to support neurodiverse learners and drive positive change in their organisation. Cognassist is committed to unlocking learner potential, and the company is thrilled to be working alongside NCFE (@NCFE) in this mission.

Reasonable adjustments: positive conversations show that awareness and support for learners with various needs is growing

Scrolling through FE News, you may have come across our adverts for The Reasonable Adjustments Series and I wanted to share some of the conversations I’ve been hosting with our brilliant industry experts.

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Reading Ojo App | Students Factory

A unique gaming App developed to inspire the reading habit...

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Digifest 2021 expo orientation

Get a first look at the Digifest 2021 expo area, as well as useful information on how to move around and explore the interactive elements.