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Cognassist wins the Global EdTech Startup Awards UK semi-final

@CognAssist -  the UK's leading cognitive assessment #EdTech platform, has been named winner of the UK semi-finals for the Global EdTech Startup Awards 2020 @gesawards (GESAwards) and is now through to the global finals. Led by a group of leading education innovation organisations from across the world, the GESAwards identifies, showcases and recognises the world’s most promising EdTech startups of the year. The awards are judged by an influential and respected panel of industry experts and set the standard for EdTech companies around the globe.

Over a quarter of apprentices in the UK struggle with an unidentified learning difficulty, yet little is done to identify or support them. Why, asks Chris Quickfall?

Imagine driving a car that you couldn’t adjust for comfort or safety. The seating, the steering, the mirrors, the air con were fixed. No adjustment is possible for height or shape or gender. No deviation from a one-size-fits-all model is allowed.

New study reveals alarming numbers of apprentices with hidden learning difficulties

Training providers and end-point assessment organisations failing to claim over £22 million in learning support funds to help apprentices 15% of apprentices are dropping out of courses because of lack of support Big regional and sector disparities, with apprentices in construction most overlooked One in three apprentices have learning difficulties or disabilities (LDD) and only a fraction have been diagnosed, according to one of the biggest ever studies of apprentices across the UK.

Adults can't get better qualifications if we don't remove the barriers to education

It’s brilliant to hear Alex Stevenson (@LWalexs) from @LearnWorkUK talking about the importance of adult education, especially for essential skills like English and maths.

Removing barriers to adult education: supporting the recovery of our workforce and increasing personal development

“Education is seen as the key to boosting social mobility, but there are still persistent attainment gaps between those from disadvantaged and better-off backgrounds at all stages of schooling.” (Social Mobility Commission, 2020).  


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