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UK job quality continues to fall short

The @CIPD calls on employers to better understand different aspects of job quality and double down on their efforts to make work a force for good – for people, business and societies 

70% surge in digital learning in wake of COVID-19

Disruption to the world of work has also led the learning profession to be more forward-looking @CIPD  The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in digital learning with seven in ten organisations (70%) reporting an increase in use of digital or online solutions over the last year, according to the latest Learning and Skills at Work report from the CIPD and Accenture. 

Employer hiring optimism at eight-year high, finds Labour Market Outlook

UK employers are the most optimistic about hiring in eight years, according to the latest CIPD (@CIPD) /Adecco Labour Market Outlook report. The survey shows that all sectors are experiencing a jobs recovery, alongside an improvement in pay prospects.

Employers lose £2bn over last two years as they struggle to spend their Apprenticeship Levy funds, new CIPD analysis finds

Plans in the Queen's Speech as part of the Government's 'Levelling up' agenda will be undermined unless the Apprenticeship Levy is made more flexible to allow firms to invest in other forms of accredited training and development, say CIPD. 

Use of flexible hours at work has dropped during the pandemic while homeworking has soared, CIPD analysis finds

#FlexFrom1st - The @CIPD urges employers to take more action to ensure people who can’t work from home can benefit from other #flexible working options  While working from home has surged in recent months, the use of flexible working hours - such as part-time, flexi-time and compressed hours - has fallen over the course of the Coronavirus pandemic, according to new CIPD analysis.

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Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter 2 days ago

RT @NCFE: ‘For as long as humans have worked, and whatever industry they may have worked in, success has always been predicated on having t…
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