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From college to the workplace: assistive technology for all stages of life

Assistive Technology (AT) in the education space can sometimes get a raw deal. It usually gets singled out as something that only students with special needs require. However, what we’ve learned from Universal Design for Learning is that any student can benefit from AT tools - as it gives them multiple means of representation, expression and engagement that they can choose from to support their unique learning style. 

Beyond the whiteboard: where does maths go next?

It’s ironic, isn’t it? While education technology is rapidly transforming teaching and learning, it sometimes seems that maths has been left behind in the rush.

Technology & Pedagogy: Powering 21st Century Learning

Technology and pedagogy might seem like a mouthful, but there’s a reason the two are often spoken in the same breath. Historically seen as two separate yet complementary strands in teaching, the evolution of tech - as well as how learning institutions have adapted to it - has allowed technology and pedagogy to become more closely aligned, ultimately offering greater possibilities for learning and academic outcomes.

Technology to benefit every learner at Nottingham College

Increasing student independence with #EdTech