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Schools must act over futile TV watershed, Head of Ofsted tells The Times Education Commission

The head of @Ofsted, @amanda_spielman, has told The Times Education Commission (@TimesEducation) the television watershed is meaningless because of YouTube and therefore schools have a duty to teach teenage boys not to send intimate images to girls She, along with other experts were participating in an evidence session for The Times Education Commission focused on teaching.

Dame Kate Bingham speaks to The Times Education Commission

Dame Kate Bingham has revealed to @TheTimes #EducationCommission when first offered the position of Head of the UK Vaccine Taskforce her own lack of self-confidence made her question if she was qualified for the position. She goes on to say it is hard for women to pursue professions such as science as they are ‘daunted’ by it.

This country is too 'snobbish’ about what education is for says Professor Mary Beard

Professor Mary Beard (@wmarybeard) and Sir Anthony Gormley give evidence to The Times Education Commission (@TimesEducation)  Professor Mary Beard has told The Times Education Commission that this country is too 'snobbish’ about what education is for and has suggested that carpentry is as important as the classics. 

The Times Education Commission has been set up to examine the future of education

The Times Education Commission has been set up to examine the future of education in light of the Covid-19 crisis, declining social mobility, new technology and the changing nature of work. 

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