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How can FE make friends and influence people in Government and Industry? Podcast with Anne Milton

We kick off a monthly podcast with Anne Milton, Minister of State for Skills and Apprenticeships to discuss Big Ideas in FE.

This month we chatted about how can the FE Sector make friends and influence people in Government and industry.

Anne then went onto discuss ideas on how to showcase the life changing work of the sector to further improve the reputation of FE in Parliament and to their local community.

We are so pleased that Anne made time to have a chat with us, as it must be an incredibly busy period in Government with the weight of Brexit looming over Parliament.

With this in mind, it seemed like a good question to kick off our series of monthly chats: How does the FE Sector, individual colleges, individual training providers and the wider FE and Apprenticeship sector make friends and influence people in Government?

Please check out the podcast with Anne below to hear what the Skills Minister suggests:

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