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Apprenticeship assessments in England

Endpoint Assessment (#EPA) – Find out how apprentices in England are assessed: 

Apprentices must complete an assessment at the end of their apprenticeship to show what they have learned and that they can perform all parts of their job. The assessment is called an ‘end-point assessment’.

This information is only for apprentices in England.

An assessment usually includes:

  • a practical assessment
  • a project
  • an interview and presentation
  • written or multiple choice tests

Check the apprenticeship’s assessment plan to find out more about the assessment.

Who can assess your apprentice

An approved end-point assessment organisation that is independent from the training provider must complete the assessment.

All approved end-point assessment organisations meet our conditions.

When to find an end-point assessment organisation

Find an end-point assessment organisation early on during the apprenticeship. This will give you and your apprentice enough time to prepare for the assessment. You can ask your training provider to help.

You cannot get funding for an apprentice before you find an end-point assessment organisation.

Assessment cost

You’ll need to agree the assessment cost with the end-point assessment organisation. The assessment should cost less than 20% of the apprenticeship’s funding band maximum.

After the assessment

After your apprentice successfully completes their apprenticeship and assessment, the end-point assessment organisation will request their certificate.

We usually post certificates within 10 working days. Privately funded apprenticeships can take longer.

Some apprenticeships will also give professional recognition by an authorised body.

Published 25 June 2018
Last updated 2 February 2021 + show all updates

  1. Updates including adding the new find an end-point assessment organisation service.

  2. We have added a link to the new Find an assessment opportunity service, for potential and existing end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs) to understand the business opportunities for apprenticeship assessment.

  3. We’ve added information on the new Record a grade API.

  4. We’ve added information about the launch of new digital service for recording privately funded apprenticeship certificates.

  5. First published.

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