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City College Brighton and Hove Student Kit Man talks to FE N

Kit Man, a student at City College Brighton and Hove in his final year of the colleges HND multimedia course, is one of the students fortunate enough to have his production work broadcast on the new ITV broadband channel. However, long dedicated hours of hard work complimented his fortune to bring about the broadcast of the student’s film.

Kit Man: March of the Pams

Multimedia student Kit Man simply used his own imagination to create his rather different, but intriguing film “March of the Pams”. The only inspiration he had was from a painting in Rome. He didn”t use a set project plan he just had that “Go with the Flow” attitude and developed his work as he went along. He said: “A lot of people read into my work and dont see a direction. I think its like anything you look at; you can build a relationship with it and use your own imagination.”

The students that were involved in the film-making task were given a specific web site in which to choose their production music from. The eerie but captivating music Hit chose for his film was down to the fact that it stood out as being very different from all the other music.

The students were given five weeks to complete their film and Kit spent the first two and a half weeks purely learning how to use the appropriate computer software. Kit also likes to firstly develop his work by hand. All of his graphics were hand drawn by himself, and then scanned onto the computer.

Sleepless Nights

The software he used to create the animation was Photoshop and After Effect. “I put a lot of hours into making “March of the Pams,” explained Kit. “I really get into these kinds of projects and I didnt get much sleep over the five weeks we had to complete our production pieces.”

Kit praised the HND multimedia course at City College. “Its a really varied course,” he said. “They have given us so many different areas of multimedia to look at which allows you to find an area that you really like and can develop in, it has helped me choose what I want to do.”

Twenty-four year old Kit has chosen animation as a career and upon finishing his course at City College this year, he will be attending Bournemouth Institute of the Art to do a three year degree course. “Its almost like Im starting again with this degree but at least now, thanks to City College I know what I want to be reading,” he said. After his studies Kit hopes to work for a big production company to gain that industry experience so vital in todays working environment.

In the long run he hopes to be making his own films and to make his own big animated feature would be a dream come true.

Maria Vitale

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