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Educational Provision Expanded for the C5 World Forum 2007 in Milan

Building on the success of the 21st Century Communications World Forum held last week in London, the International Engineering Consortium (IEC) is planning to expand the depth of its educational content at next year’s C5 World Forum.

The event, which has been renamed to the C5 World Forum (Customer ““ Centric Converged Communications and Content, hence the C5) is to be held in Milan, Italy on the 26th March 2007. It will provide an opportunity for the major players within the ICT sector to showcase the developments in the fields of converged networks, customer content-based applications and mobile and fixed IP-based technologies.

The Growth of Interest

The 21st Century Communications World Forum is a focused, education-centric conference where service providers, enterprise end users, and industry analysts gather to examine the opportunities and challenges raised by the emergence of next-generation ICT services and applications, as well as the IP-based network architectures and technologies that will enable them.

This year’s event, which was held in London on the 6th April drew a crowd of more than 3,000 ICT professionals, almost doubling the attendance at last years inaugural event. At the 2005 conference IEC Senior Director John Janowiak said: “The huge turnout and the keen interest of the delegates show that this was the right time and the right place for this conference.” He went on to say: “Were glad that the industry so enthusiastically attended the Forum.”

This year his comments were similar in their content and their air of satisfaction, as he commented: “The IEC prides itself in bringing the most sought after and desired information in the ITC industry. We look forward to continuing and expanding the delivery of this valuable content with the C5 World Forum.”

Helping Move ICT Forward

It is hoped that the C5 World Forum will analyse the business and technology requirements of making convergent IP communications a reality in today’s world on a carrier scale. It will examine not only the technical challenges, such as transitioning legacy infrastructure and interoperability issues, but also business and economic considerations involved in making the transition to IP.

Exemplifying the industry demand for the leading edge content, more than 80 percent of the expanded exhibit space at next year’s C5 world forum pre sold before last week’s conference. The event itself benefits from a very strong representation from industry – leading companies such as BT (the official host sponsor), Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel, Cisco Systems, and Intel to name but a few either exhibited or sponsored as part of the show.

The overall goal of the 21st Century Communications World Forum 2006 according to its web page “is to envision the future of the digital networked economy and its implications for customers and end users alike. Its aim is to look beyond the realization of the 21st century network to how ICT service innovation can be driven forward in a sustained fashion”. Only history will judge whether this ambition is achieved.

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