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Engineering Centre of Vocational Excellence(CoVE) plugs into Nationwide Network

In a bid to encourage better expertise and experience sharing, an engineering Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) has decided to join the National Forum of Engineering Centres (NFEC).

The CoVE, developed by Derwent Training Association of Malton and Yorkshire Coast College, Scarborough, is joining the NFEC (which specialises in sharing good practice and ideas of excellence involving engineering and technology training organisations throughout the United Kingdom) to better share its expertise across the country. The membership of the NFEC will also allow them to benefit from a network of similar experts from different regions and industries.

NFEC Glad to Grow

The Chief Executive of the NFEC, Mr Billy Devine, said: “NFEC is expanding its membership by bringing together leading organisations involved in engineering and technology training. The North Yorkshire Advanced Engineering Technology Training Partnership, involving Derwent Training Association and Yorkshire Coast College, Scarborough is an excellent example of how working together can bring benefits.”

He spoke of the need to share experience and expertise across the sector, saying: “Already some 500 students and over 100 engineering companies have benefited from the range of courses available at the two partner organisations. We want the expertise that has been developed at this CoVE to be shared with other engineering and technology institutions throughout the country and the NFEC network is an excellent way of disseminating that knowledge and experience.”

Engineering and Technology Into the 21st Century

CoVE Project Manager at The North Yorkshire Advanced Engineering Technology Training Partnership, Mr Peter Aspin, said: “NFEC is an influential organisation that works closely with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) and the examination boards in the development of new courses which match the needs of businesses as well as lobbying on behalf of colleges and training providers.

“We see our membership of NFEC as a way of not only sharing our expertise with other trainers across the country and benefiting from their experiences when developing courses for students here in North Yorkshire but also as a way of influencing national policy and developments.” He concluded by stressing the need to work together for future success, saying: “We are looking forward to working with the team at NFEC to help further raise the profile of engineering and technology as being careers of the 21st century.”

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