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Initiative to Further Learning and Training to Roll Out in UK

The British Learning Association (BLA) has recently announced the launch of their professional workshop programme to tackle topical and practical concerns in training provision.

The workshops are designed to spread an awareness of the best practices in training and education, thus disseminating these ideas to a wider audience and hopefully driving up standards. The “Connect” workshop series are scheduled to begin in September, and are based on the following core themes; how to devise and run a blended learning programme; how to evaluate a learning programme; and how to create an effective learning programme.

The workshops are in keeping with the mission that BLA has set itself, encouraging an open and engaging approach to learning and meets both the demands of the learner and the employer for flexibility and response to demands, whilst avoiding any dip in quality. The workshops approach the issues in a structured and systematic manner, and consist of one day of intensive work and analysis.

About BLA

The announcement comes as a further representation of the mission that the BLA seeks to fulfil. The BLA represents a centre of expertise for the learning and training community that specialises in producing examples of best practice. The BLA also seeks to identify trends and encourage the sharing of information that might offer better training opportunities to all parties involved.

The BLA also seek to further the use and understanding of new and emergent technologies within education. This encourages the creation of more flexible learning programmes, including “blended learning” which is one of the areas targeted in this series of workshops. As the BLA describe their aim, they intend to “synthesise existing knowledge, develop original solutions and disseminate this to a wide cross sector membership.”

Promoting Best Practice

The launch was attended by the General Manager of the BLA, Brian Merison. He spoke at the event, saying: “The BLA has a key role in promoting best practice and professionalism across the sectors of learning & development. This new range of workshops is for learning professionals who need to ensure a systematic approach to design, delivery and implementation.

Mr Merison continued describing the workshop prgramme’s aims, saying: “The workshops aim to prompt the development of new skills in key areas of learning design and evaluation, refresh or update existing knowledge, reflect current best practice, and provide practical tools to help the continuing development of learning programmes.”

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