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Innovative Software to Drive Forward Leading FE Recruiter

In a bold move to improve the service offered at leading Further Education recruiter Chimeara Ltd., a new recruitment software system has been installed to revolutionise FE recruitment.

The new software system, called Influence, was implemented recently with great success. The system has the ability to manage the client throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle, and will enable Chimeara Ltd. to provide an even better and more personalised service.

Increasing Efficiency

The Director of Chimeara Recruitment, Mr. Gavin O”Meara, expressed his delight at the development and the positive ramifications it will have for FE recruitment. “We are really pleased with the new Influence system,” he said. “The coupling of this powerful database and our consultants” knowledge of the Further Education and training industry will only continue to favour our clients and candidates.”

Mr. O”Meara stressed the importance of the individual, personal attention that Chimeara provides, and expects Influence to allow an even better service from his consultants. “The new database has increased our efficiency, reduced admin and enabled our consultants to provide an even more personalised service to our clients and candidates,” he said. “I am sure that this will become even more apparent over the coming months as the team adapts to the new system.”

A Genuine Leap Forward

This positive response was echoed by Martin Parkinson, the Operations Director of Influence, who said: “Influence are very pleased that in providing Chimeara with the very latest technology in Recruitment database software, which when combined with Chimeara’s expertise and industry knowledge, has resulted in a genuine leap forward in both customer service and productivity.”

The new system will help Chimeara Ltd. to achieve even more success in the coming months and years. Established in 2001, they have become the leading Further Education recruitment company and recruit across all levels in the sector, from Directors and Principals through to Tutors and Verifiers.

For any further information and press enquiries please call Gavin O”Meara on 0870 787 9300.

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