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More Than Just Another Trade Show – Improving Life for the Region

The East Midlands Regional Assembly has announced the launch of East Midlands Expo 2005 and is inviting businesses, schools and other affected organisations to participate.

The event, which will b held at Derby County FC’s home ground, Pride Park, on the 29th of September, will be more than another trade show, according to the organisers. One of the prime functions will be to encourage the sharing of experiences and knowledge. Another feature that it is hoped will be made use of is the chance to engage with stakeholders from across the region, discussing issues of training and business development. They are anticipating a good turnout for the event, with more than 1,000 expected to attend the 2005 Expo.

Industry Leaders Coming Together

The event is being approached with a positive spirit by many, including Elliot Morley, MP, Minister of State for Climate Change and the Environment who is lending his support to the event. He said: “The East Midlands Expo 2005 promises to show local people how they can make those changes, and in doing so help deliver the UK Sustainable Development Strategy. I hope the event will act as a catalyst, encouraging everyone to get involved and make a difference.”

Graham Norbury, the Director of Rural Affairs at Government Office in the East Midlands, expanded on the intentions behind the event, highlighting the need to take lessons learnt and apply them to guarantee success on both a regional and a national level. “East Midlands Expo 2005 is much more than just a sustainable development trade fair,” he said. “This event, which incorporates a major conference on sustainable construction as well as seminars and workshops on issues such as sustainable procurement and climate change communications, offers a forum for exchanging good practice, knowledge and ideas. These are key issues for everyone across the country and we need as many organisations as possible on board if were to make a difference.”

This was echoed by the sentiments expressed by the Director of Sustainable Development as the East Midlands Development Agency (emda), Anthony Payne. “We welcome the holding of East Midlands 2005 Expo and consider that the broad range of issues and opportunities that it will address, ranging from sustainable construction, the environmental economy, procurement and business support and the incorporation of green infrastructure, will provide for an exciting and stimulating event promoting the delivery of sustainable development in the East Midlands,” he said.

For more information or a booking form, please call Jenny Perreau at the EI Forum on 0115 848 4844.

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